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  • Genetic Lottery 2, Ep5

    Episode 5 of “Winning the Genetic Lottery” is live. “Filling In My Publicist” is an episode where Jim finds a publicist to cover the PR aspect of his mayoral campaign. Winning the Genetic Lottery 2 posts a new episode every other Tuesday.

  • Pressed the big red button!

    I’ve been publishing chapters via Vella now for a little while, and sat back to think about it this weekend. The outcome of that thinking, is that I need to put together a release calendar to keep track of what I’m writing, and when I need it by. So once I did that, it became […]

  • GL2 Ep1 is now live!

    Although less popular than my science fiction and fantasy, I get a ton of requests for a new installment of “Winning the Genetic Lottery”. Much like The Fallback Plan, I’ve decided to publish what I have so far as episodes on Kindle Vella. My every-other-week release schedule for this title is much slower than The […]

  • Excerpt from “Winning the Genetic Lottery 2”

    I realize that I haven’t posted much about my upcoming sequel to “Winning the Genetic Lottery” lately, so this is my apology to those particular fans.  It’s a draft of course, and subject to editing before it goes final.  But, you folks will probably enjoy it just the same. For those who aren’t aware, “Winning […]

  • Get a digital copy of “Haramiru’s 2012 Breeding Anthology” free with purchase of the paperback!

    I was pleasantly surprised to see that Amazon now offers authors the ability to say, “If you bought the paperback version of this, you can have the Kindle version at a discount”. Amazon actually lets authors pick a price for the extra Kindle copy – from $0.99 to $2.99, or even free.  Since the paperback […]

  • New cover for Ken Haramiru’s 2012 Breeding Erotica paperback

    The paperback of my “Haramiru’s 2012 Breeding Erotica” anthology now features new cover art by Dhalia Rheine of Honeyshadow Design.  You can pick it up from Createspace. Of course, the eBook version of the anthology is the cheapest way to get my 2012 stories.  It costs $8.99, and you can get it at Smashwords and […]

  • New cover art for “Winning the Genetic Lottery”

    New cover art for “Winning the Genetic Lottery” I’ve done my own cover art for a while, and honestly my self-made covers haven’t really hurt sales on my newer titles, but it also hasn’t set the world on fire either.  The main difference I’ve noticed between doing my own with free stock images and using […]

  • Winning the Genetic Lottery now on iTunes!

    Well, will wonders never cease?  Now I have a second story in the iTunes bookstore, “Winning the Genetic Lottery”. As far as I know, I haven’t made any sales on Apple yet, but it’s refreshing to see things starting to trickle in there. For those who aren’t familiar, “Winning the Genetic Lottery” is the story of […]

  • 2012 Anthology in print and eBook format!

    Good news: For those who want paper versions of my stories, there’s now an anthology of all my stories over the year of 2012.  The paperback edition is now on CreateSpace for $15.99, and the eBook is on Smashwords for $8.99.  For the cost conscious, the eBook gives you $14.95 worth of eBooks (if bought […]

  • Winning the Genetic Lottery 2 (working title)

    In “Winning the Genetic Lottery”, When Jim bought his multi-million dollar breeding mansion in a rural county with a low population, no one minded too much.  He paid his taxes, contributed to the local economy, and was a bit of a philanthropist. But when he decided to build a subdivision near his mansion so that […]


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