New cover for Ken Haramiru’s 2012 Breeding Erotica paperback

Haramiru's 2012 Breeding Erotica

The paperback of my “Haramiru’s 2012 Breeding Erotica” anthology now features new cover art by Dhalia Rheine of Honeyshadow Design.  You can pick it up from Createspace.

Of course, the eBook version of the anthology is the cheapest way to get my 2012 stories.  It costs $8.99, and you can get it at Smashwords and Amazon.

The stories in the anthology cost $14.95 when purchased as separate eBooks, so it’s up to you whether you’d rather have the paperback for around the same price, or the eBook for almost half off..

The Stories

  • Progenitor: Whenever humanity is ready to evolve, one of our dead is reincarnated as a Progenitor.  Women are genetically programmed to mate with him at any cost, and give birth to clutches of eggs minutes later.  But he can’t spread his new genes if he gets caught by the government first.
  • Merlin’s Magic Wang: An unwary college student ends up in possession of an ancient relic from Merlin.  Its dark power enables him to enter any woman he can visualize, and it compels him to use it over and over.  He knows it’s wrong, but can he stop?  Does he want to?
  • Morgan’s Curse: Morgan Le Fay learns that Merlin, who cursed her a thousand years ago, has been reborn as a helpless infant.  She’s out to kill him and end the curse once and for all.
  • Winning the Genetic Lottery: Jim flippantly said if he had a billion dollars, he’d father more children than any man in history.  When a bored trillionaire makes him follow through, he ends up unknowingly hiring a secretary with a pregnancy fetish.  Soon she’s trying to get all of her online friends hired at his new mansion!
  • Cupid’s Armorer: Bows and arrows can no longer penetrate hardened human hearts, so Heaven’s Cupid division is about to shut down.  St. Michael recruits Clint Mauser, a dead Army armorer, to upgrade the Cupids’ weapons to guns.  When he meets another angel, the beautiful but damaged Bethany, his own heart is taken.
  • She Only Wore a Shirt to the Funeral: When a woman shows up to a funeral wearing a button-up shirt as a dress, it’s impossible for Brent Allen to turn down her advances.



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