Ken Haramiru’s Progenitor 2

Evolution doesn't care if you enjoy it
Evolution doesn’t care if you enjoy it

Unexpectedly brought back from the dead, Philip Young has a lot to sort out. His new body is designed to usher in the next wave of human evolution, but that power comes with a great price. His alien pheromones have no off switch, no pause button, and permit him absolutely no downtime. Philip’s greatest challenge is trying to blend in with a world where every woman wants to rip his clothes off.

Progenitor 2 was released 7/10/13.  If you’re looking for the rest of the series, click here.

Contains graphic sex, pregnancy, and egg laying.

As its title implies, not all evolution is consensual. There’s a scene of forced impregnation which some may find objectionable, but it’s the same scene as the shorter free version. Fully 60% of this story is new content which has never been available, and the remaining 40% has been edited more thoroughly than the free version.

Note: This story also appears in my Breeding Erotica Volume 2, which is presently available for free unlimited reading to Kindle Unlimited subscribers.

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