The “She Wore” Series

The guys who work at Operator Tactical aren’t just built like video game heroes, they’re successful businessmen and all-around hunks.  No matter where they go, women seem to throw themselves at them.  It’s only polite that they try to catch them!

#1: She Only Wore a Shirt to the Funeral

She Only Wore a Shirt to the Funeral
She Only Wore a Shirt to the Funeral

At a funeral, Brent can’t help but notice a woman attending in what looks like just a black shirt. From the glimpse of panties as she sits down, to the knowing grin she gives him as he leaves, there’s something special about this encounter. The reception brings a debate about whether she’s wearing a shirt or a dress – but the answer stops mattering once it’s crumpled up on the floor!

Click here for the direct and indirect downloads.  The full version of this story is free.

#2: She Wore Shorts to the Gas Station

When Erica plays "Baby Roulette", Brent wins either way
When Erica plays “Baby Roulette”, Brent wins either way

Brent’s filling his tank at a gas station one night, when an eye-catching girl in shorts walks by. One thing leads to another, and he catches her eye too. Little does Brent know that she and her friends have a game called “Baby Roulette”, and she’s determined to play it with him!

Click here to visit this story’s main page, which includes a number of links from which you can obtain this story.

#3: She Wore a Sundress to Jury Duty

This story has not yet been finished.  Fred, the co-owner of Operator Tactical, is chosen for a jury!  Long, hard deliberations reach a gripping climax in the courtroom and the jury room…


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