They Needed A Jump

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They Needed A Jump

By Ken Haramiru

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My Saturday started off with nothing to do. I was in that awkward stage right after my divorce, at a high risk for a train-wreck rebound relationship, and determined not to plunge into one. Relationships aside, after having spent the entire eight-month divorce process dateless, my backlogged carnal needs had reached legendary proportions.
My first stop for the day was the gas station near my house, and my reason for preferring it was in rare form today. My gas station is right next to a gym, which meant that the entire time I was pumping gas, women strutted by in short shorts and tight spandex. When I finished fueling my vehicle, I felt a twinge of disappointment, but hopped in my SUV and started my engine. While the gym made being in the lot pleasant, its traffic also made departure a lengthy process.
It was near lunch time, and departing cars were stacked up far into the lot. I generally hate being stuck in traffic, except when I’m stuck near the gym’s doors and hence granted the perfect excuse to watch women walking out. I was just starting to think about going to the beach afterwards, when “they” walked out of the gym.
“They” were a pair of gorgeous pregnant women, one Asian and one Latina. The Asian appeared to be about 6 months along, and the Latina was slightly bigger – around 7 months. I’d always had an attraction for pregnant women, and five years of marriage to an emphatically child-free woman had only increased it. My sunglasses let me stare in safety as they walked past my car, engrossed in conversation. The Latina caressed the side of her belly through a tight pink tank top, rubbing a bulge which was probably her baby’s head. The top of her less-pregnant Asian friend’s two piece outfit had crept up until her belly button showed, and she wore stretchy exercise pants which I was sure were see-through in the right light.
The traffic light let a few cars out of the parking lot before it turned red again, but I only managed to get a few car lengths along before I stopped again. I was grateful of course, since I was able to watch them haul their oversized bellies into a pickup truck parked to my right. Moments later, through my open passenger side window, I heard their truck’s engine crank but refuse to start.
“SHIT!” the Latina shouted, and immediately followed it up with a stream of curses. Her friend propped her elbow on the center console and rested her hand on her forehead, annoyed, as the engine made another tired attempt to turn over. Traffic started moving again, which forced me to drive forward – and on the spur of the moment, I decided to circle back around. I pulled out of the parking lot and circled back in by the gas station. A horde of competing voices in my head were arguing over what I should do, but most of them agreed that it wasn’t improper to see if the two women needed help – even if they did happen to line up perfectly with my personal fetish.
Before I pulled into the spot next to them, the Latina had popped her hood and was angrily glaring at her engine while her friend stayed seated. I leaned out my window and asked, “Hey, do you need a jump start?”
The Latina looked up at me, surprised at first – and then her mouth creased into a smile.  “Really? Yes! My stupid brother swapped batteries with me.”
I raised my eyebrow as I stopped my engine, then got out.  “Well, if all you need is a jump start, I’ve got jumper cables in the back.”
Her hand fluttered up to her chest, just above her neckline.  “Oh, wow.  Thank you,” she gushed.  She followed me around to the back of my SUV, pivoting to avoid squishing her belly as she passed between the two vehicles. “My name is Selena, by the way. Thanks again for stopping.”
I smiled, acutely aware that without my shades, I’d be busted for staring at her swollen belly right now.  I was so distracted that I had trouble getting my hands to close around the cables, but I managed to pick them up anyway. “Not a problem,” I said, “just felt like the right thing to do.”
“Well, thank you anyway,” she repeated. “My boyfriend dropped auto club when he fled the country, so a tow truck would be expensive.”
“Well, guys like me carry jumper cables so that we can help damsels in distress,” I replied. I started to lower the hatch, then stopped as I noticed that the rear hatch was about to hit the top of her belly.
“Oops,” she said, as she pivoted quickly to the side. She cradled her swollen abdomen and smiled at me as the rear hatch locked shut, then followed me back to the front with the cable.
No matter how many times I’ve jumped peoples’ cars, I can never remember the right order to connect the cables in.  That’s the reason I keep the printed instruction cards hooked up to the cables, and now it saved me from fumbling the connection while the hot pregnant girl stood next to me.
Thankfully I didn’t have to rotate my SUV to get the battery closer.  Selena’s Asian passenger had gotten out when I was hooking up the cables, and she watched quietly. The outdoors temperature was in the high 90s, and the sun was relentless.  Tiny beads of sweat made their way down the two pregnant girls’ cleavage, then ran down their swollen bellies. Their tops had probably fit just fine before their milk had started to come in, but now both of them had glistening cleavage galore. Had I not needed all the power my alternator could summon, I’d have offered to turn on the AC and let them sit inside. But as it stood, all I could do was admire the view as their battery charged.
“Man,” Selena said to her friend as she rubbed some sweat away from her neck, “I’m going to need another shower once we get home.”
Her friend answered, “Gonna have to fight me for who goes first.”
Selena smirked and said, “Talk like that and I’ll leave you here. You can have first dibbs on the shower once walk back to the house.”
We charged the battery for about five minutes, during which the view got progressively better as the two girls shifted their tops uncomfortably in the heat, trying to get a little bit of breeze flowing over their bare skin.  I asked Selena to start her engine, and it didn’t get any farther along than the first time.  Even with me revving my engine while she tried to start it, hers wouldn’t turn over.  She was more than a little bit annoyed.  “Wait a minute,” she said.
“What?” I asked.
She got out of the truck and walked over to my window. “Do you know much about batteries?” she asked.
“I paid attention during physics classes in college,” I said with a shrug.
She rested her arms on my window and leaned in, and I could see down her shirt to her swollen belly.
“So, here’s the situation,” the gorgeous pregnant woman began.  “My brother left on a cross-country road trip, and he asked if he could swap batteries with me until he gets back since he says they’re the same connectors.  His battery’s on its last legs, and mine was brand new.  He charged his old battery and swapped it over just before he left, and he said it should last for the week until he gets back and buys a new one.”
I paused for a second. “What’s he drive?” I asked.
“A Honta Civit. Small, gets good gas mileage.”
I shrugged.  “Well, basic physics says that the starter motor on your truck engine will need more torque than on his four-banger.  And if this battery was marginal for his car, it probably won’t do much for yours.”
She clenched her lower jaw and her eyes flashed with anger.  “Seriously?” she fumed.  “That little shit didn’t even think about that? So why’d it start up this morning?”
“Fresh off the charger, it may have had more charge.”
The Latina shook her head, her long brown hair making a distracting cascade over her shoulders.
“I swear to God, my dumb brother… I’m going to kill him.”
I lifted a finger and said, “Perhaps something a little less permanent. Such as, leaving his headlights on every chance you get for the rest of his life.”
She cocked her head for a moment.  “Ooo! Totally gonna do that.”  She giggled.
“Well,” I said, “I guess you’ll need a new battery?” I paused for a second, my mouth drying a little before I added, “My plans are open today, so if you need a ride, I’m up for it.”
She grinned and leaned through the window a little farther to hug me, her belly pressing against the door. “Oh, thank you so much!” she said. She turned around and told her friend, “Hey Jessica, we need a new battery. C’mon, he’s taking us to the shop.”
Jessica raised her eyebrows. “Seriously? You can’t just jump it?”
“Freaking George,” Selena said. “Just because the cables fit, he figured his battery would start my truck.”
“Sounds like him, all right,” the Asian girl nodded. “I call shotgun!”
I unplugged the jumper cables and closed the hoods. Selena locked up her truck as Jessica got in front. Thankfully, I keep all the junk in my SUV confined to one side of the rear seats just in case I had a passenger.
I watched carefully as Selena struggled to buckle the seatbelt around her gravid stomach.  “Everybody strapped in?” I asked.
The two girls giggled, then said, “Yeah, we’re good.”
“Anything against getting your battery at Pep Lads?  It’s just down the street,” I asked.
Selena shook her head.  “As long as they carry truck batteries, I don’t care.”
From the little grin that came across her mouth, I think Selena may have noticed me checking her out in the mirror when we were halfway down the road. Just before we arrived at the auto parts shop, she started doing some arm stretches which emphasized her cleavage, and her grin escalated into a full on smile. As we pulled into the parking lot I noticed that Selena’s nipples were poking through her top – and it wasn’t due to my running the AC.
I was half tempted to circle around the lot looking for up-front parking, just so that I could watch Selena stretch – but I didn’t want to be too obvious, or get too distracted and hit a parked car. As it stood, we found reasonably close parking, and I walked around to open the ladies’ doors. Jessica got out as I was getting to the door, but Selena waited – she took my hand as I helped her out of the seat, treating me to a tantalizing view down her shirt in the process.
“Man,” Selena complained, “even your back seat is comfier than my truck.”
Jessica nodded.  “They don’t build trucks with us in mind.”
Inside the store, they walked up to the parts counter and Selena propped her pregnant belly up on the bar.
“Hi,” she said, “I need a battery for my truck.”
The clerk said, “Sure – what kind of truck is it?”
“Oh.  Crap,” she said.  “I know it’s a Tahorn F-something, but I don’t remember what the something was.”
I pulled up my cellphone, where I’d thought to write that down before we left, and rattled off the make and model for her. The clerk smiled, relieved that he didn’t have to come up with the battery out of the blue. “Wow,” Selena said, “that was thinking ahead.”
I smiled. “In my line of work, it’s a necessary skill.”
“And what’s that?”
“Insurance claims adjustor.”
I raised an eyebrow. “What?  Did I deny your claim or something…?”
“Oh – no, it’s just that you’re supposed to be bald, pasty, and fat.” She waved her hands up and down as she spoke, framing my body from her perspective.
I smiled sheepishly. “Well, we don’t all look like that, just… most of us.”
Selena giggled.  The clerk brought over a brand new battery, and Selena fished around in her purse for a credit card. After she paid, she grabbed the battery by its handle and started to lift it, but then winced. I reached over and picked up the battery. “Look, why don’t you just let me carry it?”
Jessica tapped Selena on the shoulder and said, “Upgrade.”
I raised my eyebrow in curiosity as Selena giggled and reddened.
As our eyes slowly adjusted to the bright sunlight outside, the smell of steak came wafting seductively towards us. The good thing about being in Southern California is that there are Mexican taco shops on just about every corner. That’s also the bad thing about being in Southern California. This particular taco shop happened to be right next to where I’d parked, and its door was invitingly wide open. I looked wistfully at it for a moment, then realized I could hear Selena’s stomach grumbling from where I was standing.
“Hungry?” I asked.
Selena smiled sheepishly.  “Aren’t you?”
I nodded. “Lunch before we head back?”
Selena and Jessica didn’t resist for a second. I dropped the new battery into my SUV, then we walked inside, where the steak smelled even better.
“Oh God,” said Selena. “I feel like I haven’t eaten in a month.”
Jessica patted her friend’s swollen belly. “That’s because your little peanut there keeps stealing it all.”
There was a pause in the conversation for a few moments, then Selena spoke up nervously. “So, are you married, or seeing someone, or…?”
“Well,” I said, “my wife cheated on me, we divorced, and I’ve been out on a couple of dates since then, but nothing serious.”
I caught myself staring as Jessica rested her drink on her belly.  “So, how do the two of you know each other?”
“Support group for single first-time moms. We clicked as buddies, and now we’re roommates.”
“I see,” I said. “You’re both single?”
Jessica nodded her head sadly. “My husband cheated on me when I was pregnant, then left – but Selena’s story makes that sound like nothing.”
Selena looked a little uncomfortable and said, “Well, my boyfriend wanted kids and I didn’t, so he poked holes in his condoms until I got pregnant. Then he changed his mind once I started showing, decided he didn’t want that much responsibility, and fucking fled the country.”
“Seriously?” I asked.
“Yep. I’m pregnant because he just had to be a dad, then he runs back to Canada to live with his parents.”
My mouth dropped open. “Wow.”
“Yeah,” she said, “and the funny thing is that he thinks this means he won’t owe child support.”
I raised my eyebrow. “Canada’s about the last country I’d expect to get away with that in,” I said.
Selena smirked. “Oh, it is. He’s pretty much screwed the minute I file, especially since I saved the emails where he gloated about how I won’t be able to collect. The judge is going to love those. But I’m saving that whole bombshell for after I have the baby – that way he won’t run away before I file.” She paused for a second, then added, “So, here we are – two single moms stranded at the gym.”
I shrugged. “At least you’re getting carne asada,” I pointed out.
Selena giggled. “We both could use some more meat in our diets,” she said – and immediately her face reddened.
Jessica looked at her friend Selena and smirked. “Agreed,” she said mischievously – then sat back, grinning widely.
I leaned back for a second. “Why do I feel like I’m missing something here?” I asked.
Jessica picked up the torch of conversation. “Well, Selena and I have both been… neglected for a while. And you’ve been trying to conceal an erection since we got out of the car.”
Now it was my turn to blush.  “Hookay, then,” I responded guardedly. “Busted.”
I paused a few seconds and said, “Does that mean you’d like some help with that neglect problem you’ve been having?”
Jessica smiled. “Hormones do make you crave more than just pickles and ice cream. And when you suddenly can’t get any, well, it makes it even worse,” Jessica complained. Glances were exchanged around the table, but then we were interrupted when our order was called.
“That’s us – I’ll go get it.”
We’d each ordered carne asada burritos – which was the steak we’d smelled from outside, and I’d also ordered a quesadilla. The two girls dug in like a pair of velociraptors.  In between bites, Selena said, “So what you’re saying is, you’re low mileage.”
I shrugged. “Yeah. I know I was disease free as of when my wife and I were together, because she got an STD test after she cheated. And I haven’t been with anyone since her.”
Jessica nodded and smiled.  “So,” she said, “what do you think about pregnant girls?”
Selena leaned forward and grinned at me, her cleavage threatening to burst out of her top. And she knew it. “Yes, what do you think about pregnant girls?” she cooed. “You’ve kinda given me a little vibe about that ever since you picked us up.”
I tried to shrug nonchalantly, then said “You’re both gorgeous, pregnant or not – but yes, I’m curious what being with a pregnant girl is like.”
Jessica smirked. “So what you’re saying is,” she drew out, “you wouldn’t mind taking care of our needs this afternoon?”
I spluttered out my drink. This was it: the moment where I was doomed to screw up. I nervously answered, “Well, I know neither of you will get pregnant.”
Both girls giggled. “Yeah, we don’t need to worry about that,” Selena said, leaning back and rubbing her belly with her hands.
Jessica was done with her burrito, and looked longingly at my quesadilla. I dropped one of the slices on her plate and said, “Go ahead.”
“Thanks,” she replied, picking it up and digging into it. Selena and I finished our burritos around the same time, and I reached up with my napkin to wipe a little stream of meat juice off the Latina’s chin.
Lunch was done, and I bussed the table as the ladies got up. When I got back I asked, “My place is only a mile or two away – or do you want to replace the battery on your truck first?”
Selena paused.  “Well,” she said, “we probably should do the battery first, but…”
Jessica shook her head. “Nope. We finally have the right guy, so we’re doing this before we lose our nerve.”
I raised my eyebrow. “The right guy?” I asked.
Jessica smirked. “We’ve been talking about taking a guy together for a while, buddy. Sharing is my rule – it pretty much guarantees that this is just about sex.”
We walked back towards my SUV, and I felt a hand caress my butt.  I glanced back and noticed Selena smirking at me.
Selena took the front seat of my SUV this time, and as I released the parking brake she reached over and caressed my crotch with her hand.  “Ooo,” she purred.
“Sneak preview?” I asked.
She pushed her lip up and pretended to be sad.  “Sorry,” she said, “I just had to see what I was working with.”
Truthfully, my half-mast erection had become a full one once they’d agreed to go to my place.
“I think you understated just how much you like pregnant girls,” she said.
“Maybe just a little,” I admitted as we pulled onto the street.
Jessica shrugged. “Well, you’re still the guy who stopped to help us. I guess having a kink just means you’ll enjoy it more.”
I nodded. “That’s one way of putting it.”
My house was only about a mile away, and as soon as I turned into my subdivision I felt a hand wrap around mine, guiding it off the center console where it usually rested. Selena guided my hand onto her swollen belly, and I have to say my hand started tingling with excitement. Even though I’ve had a kink for pregnancy for years, I’d never actually touched a baby bump until that moment. Her hand steered mine lower and lower, down the curve of her belly to the seam at the bottom where her shirt met her pants. My pulse raced as my exploring fingers found bare skin. “It’s ok,” she said, “lift it up.”
I didn’t need to be told twice – I lifted her shirt slowly, exposing her gravid midriff until her top was scrunched up like a sports bra.  “Whoa, you two,” Jessica called from the back as I applied the brakes. “Save some for when we get there!”
That was the moment I turned my steering wheel and pulled into my driveway. “Actually,” I pointed out dryly, “technically we did.”
My suburb dated back to the 1960s, before suburban developers started saddling new homes with homeowners’ associations. The houses were all delightfully unique, mine house more so than most.  It had once been a modest 1200sqft 1960s home, but a succession of owners had expanded it into a sprawling 2600sqft five bedroom monster.  And my roommates were both gone for the weekend, so I had the place all to myself.
As soon the front door closed behind us, Jessica grabbed my hand and said, “Hey, I need some attention too!” And suddenly my lips were locked on hers in a kiss as she guided my hand down to touch her own belly.
She was tall for an Asian girl, around 5’7”, and she didn’t have to stand on her tip toes to reach me.  I turned my head and went for a longer kiss, enjoying every bit of it.  She turned her belly a little bit to the side and pressed herself up against me so that we could get more skin in contact. “Hey, no fair!” Selena exclaimed. “You started without me.”
A pair of arms circled around my neck, and now Selena was leaning up to kiss me on my other side.  I kissed her, my own hands resting on both girls’ lower backs and pulling them up against me.
“So, how’s this going to work?” I asked. “One at a time, or you’re sharing me, or…?” I asked.
Jessica giggled. “One at a time. We’re roomies, not lesbians.”
“Since I only have one dick, that’s fine with me. But who’s first?”
Selena wagged her finger at Jessica. “I saw him first,” she said.
Jessica retorted, “Yeah? Well, I propositioned him when you clammed up.”
The girls finally settled on a coin toss, which Selena won. I pointed up the staircase and said, “The bedroom’s up there, ladies.”
Selena and Jessica went up the staircase ahead of me, and I couldn’t take my eyes off the way Jessica’s belly swayed with each step.  She looked back at me and nearly lost her balance laughing at the expression on my face. “You look like a kid on Christmas morning,” she giggled.
She was right – my erection from earlier was nothing compared to my erection now, and I was determined to put it to good use. Selena stood next to the bed and pulled her top up until I stopped her with my hand on her forearm. She relaxed and let go, her top covering her face and very little else as I looked her over. Her sports bra was well padded, and without her shirt I got a better view of just how big her breasts were. I permitted myself a few seconds to stare before I pulled her top off the rest of the way, leaving her chestnut brown hair to cascade freely down her back.
Since her arms were still upraised, I gingerly lifted her sports bra up next. A pair of absorbent pads fell out of her bra and Selena apologetically explained, “My milk’s coming in.”
I shrugged. “Doesn’t bother me any,” I said.
Selena was topless from the waist up now, and blushed as she reflexively covered her breasts with her hands. I smiled disarmingly and kissed her – the first kiss was a little awkward, but with the next kiss she dropped her hands to wrap them around my waist, letting her breasts brush freely against my chest. I was still clothed, and the warmth of her body through my clothing reminded me that I was passing up the sensation of skin-on-skin contact with her right now.
I disengaged, then pulled off my shirt and dropped it to the floor in one fluid motion. “Ooo,” she cooed as she ran her hand over my chest.
Ever since I’d started my divorce almost a year ago, the gym had become my life.  Five days a week, I spent one hour of weight lifting and another hour of cardio. My body might never make it into the movies, but I was in better shape than average. And for once in my life, I was finally “that guy” that girls actually wanted to see shirtless – and I absolutely loved it.
Selena sat down on the bed to take off her tight yoga shorts, rather than fight her center of gravity. Jessica had found the recliner I keep next to my bed, and was already stripping off her own clothes. For a moment, it was tough to decide which one to watch. And then Selena grabbed my collar and pulled me down to kiss her.
I managed to pick a good landing spot on the bed, and Selena met my lips before I’d finished bouncing. That kiss led to another – deeper and more earnest. She scooted back on the bed and her belly sloshed back and forth as she moved.
Selena reached the pillow and laid on her side, smiling at me as I kicked off my pants and underwear. “You know,” she said, “I’ve haven’t done this since I started showing.”
I smiled and put my hand on her belly again, slowly caressing her firm roundness.  “Well, I haven’t done this since before you got pregnant in the first place.”
She blushed and giggled at first, then the blush deepened. “I just feel fat and ugly.”
I shook my head and said, “You’re neither. A fat girl doesn’t have arms like yours, or legs like yours, or a face like yours.” I rubbed her swollen belly with my hand, and something inside kicked back. “And that’s not fat either. What’s more, seeing that bump of yours tells something in the back of my brain that you’re fertile, and can get pregnant. It makes me want to fuck you, because some part in the back of my head swears that I can get you pregnant all over again. And even though I know that’s biologically impossible, I still want to fuck you anyway.”
Selena smiled for a few seconds before she reached down and touched my dick, then ran her finger from the base all the way to the tip. She circled my shaft with her fingers, making me shiver before she told me, “I want this.”
I glanced over and saw that Jessica had stripped down to her panties, and was now rubbing her clit through them. “I’ll get to you in a minute,” I promised her.
And then Selena grabbed my chin and turned my head back to her.
“You owe me more than a minute,” she whispered huskily before she kissed me.
Her lips shattered my restraint. I pulled her up against me, her body upturned a little so her swollen belly wasn’t crushed. Selena shuddered as the tip of my penis brushed her upper thigh. Her nipples hardened in excitement as we rubbed against each other for a while. I scooted my hips in, leaving the tip of my dick just barely touching her pussy and clit. Selena’s breath quickened and she tugged my shoulders towards her insistently, sending the clear message that she wanted me – and I needed to figure out what position to try. Awkwardly, I shifted over a little and managed to get just the tip of my penis into her well-lubricated vagina. She moaned briefly in pleasure, but then I realized that there was no way we’d actually achieve sex in this position.
“On your back?” I asked her.
Selena rolled onto her back and spread her legs, looking at me with an expectant smile.  Her vulva was puffy and aroused, a little trail of her juices decorating her lower lips where my penis had disturbed her.
“Any way you can, just fuck me!” she said.
I smiled and crouched over her on my hands and knees. In this position I could angle my torso until I just barely came in contact with her belly. My penis bobbed between her legs as I made my way up her body, bouncing it along her inner thighs until it came to a rest just outside her moist slit.  “Mmm,” she moaned.  I’d just barely touched her, and she was already breathing hard.
My penis was lined up already and it sank into her, inch by precious inch, as the gap between us closed.  I could only put in four inches before I started putting weight on her belly, so I used that as the end of my travel and began thrusting to that depth.
It was only a minute or so before Selena let out a little growl, wrapped her hands around her back and pulled, ignoring the pressure on her belly as she satisfied her craving to have me deeper inside her. My eyes widened thrust slowly and carefully, acutely aware of how aroused as I was, I knew it wouldn’t be long before I climaxed, and I wanted to give Selena as much time as I could.
“More,” Selena begged. “Fuck me hard!”
I sped up a little, and Selena shifted the pillow to support her neck as I plowed her over and over. Her body’s warmth enveloped my shaft as I slid within her, my penis hardening as it became convinced that this was a good place to dump sperm. Selena’s raw appreciation and excitement was a welcome contrast from the lousy lay my wife had been. Even without the bonus value of lining up with my secret kink, Selena may have been in the running for the hottest sex I’d ever had – but adding the kink brought it well past anything I’d had before.
Selena downshifted a little, thrusting back gently, and I slowed down to match her tempo. I let her steer the speed but not the penetration, which I still drove as deep as I could. My shaft was hyper-sensitive now; I could feel every internal curve of her vagina. With every thrust she gasped in pleasure and held me tight as I bottomed out, grinding her hips against me as her vagina squeezed my cock.
Jessica’s panties now featured a huge damp spot between her wide-spread legs. The other hand stroked her nipple and breast, and a small white trail of milk was trickling its way down her belly.
Selena cinched her arms hands around my ass and pulled hard as her vagina clamped down.  “So long,” she panted, “it’s been so long!”
I was about to cum, but the little mewing noises escaping her throat with each breath were signs that she was getting close too.  I shifted to pulling myself most of the way out and then going back in, going deeper, faster and harder.  Selena opened her mouth and sucked down great gulps of air as if she’d been suffocating, then let out a strangled gasp as her eyes widened and her vagina clamped down around my cock.
Selena screamed, which sent me over the edge too. Her fingers dug into my arms as we both came, her sudden force taking me off balance so that I toppled forward onto her belly as her legs wrapped around my waist in a death grip. Her baby kicked at both of us in protest as my penis jerked again and then sprayed the inside of her pussy with my sperm.
“Oh,” she cried out, feeling the warmth blast the inside of her vagina. “Oh, yes, yes! Again! More! Again! Keep going!”
I didn’t stop, and couldn’t have even if I’d wanted to. We were both cumming, her vagina clenching down on me as my dick pumped its sperm as far into her as possible. Her baby kicked again and I shifted my weight a little, my orgasm beginning to fade as her breathing slowly began returning to normal.
“God I needed that,” she said as we rolled apart, lying on our backs facing the ceiling.
I’d turned on the overhead fan when we entered the room, and it was doing a good job of evaporating the sweat from our glistening bodies. Selena scooted up on into a resting position on the bed, the curve of her belly showing in profile – and her belly was moving gently. “You woke the baby,” she giggled.
I smirked.  “Sorry about that,” I said.
She took my hand and placed it on top of the moving part of her bump. The baby was definitely awake, moving around under my hand. For a moment, all I could feel was the heartbeat – and breathing. Frantic breathing. I cast a glance over my shoulder and saw Jessica rubbing herself frantically, letting out an excited whimper – and then she stopped and stared back at me.
“Don’t stop on my account,” I said.
She smirked and took her fingers away. “Well, I actually should stop,” she said. “I’m getting a little raw.”
“Really?” I said in disappointment.
Her panties were already halfway down her thighs, so she shoved them down and off the rest of the way and said, “Don’t wanna be too sore to take my turn fucking you, do I?”
Selena scooted over to one side of the bed, leaving me in the middle as she rested herself against the headboard. Jessica climbed up into the bed as Selena laid down on her side, raised one leg, and began to gently stroke her pussy while she looked at us. “Well, don’t stop on my account,” she said with a smirk.
Jessica was sitting up in bed, and so was I. I ran my hands down her breasts and then kissed first her left nipple, then her right.  Her skin still had a lingering aftertaste of milk, and the sharp breath she drew as I sucked on her nipple showed me I was on the right track.
Jessica pulled back a little and narrowed her eyes as she demanded, “Don’t do that again unless you mean it.”
Honestly, I’d never tried breast milk and I was curious now. So, I maintained eye contact with her as I very slowly and deliberately brought my head down and kissed her breast again. She closed her eyes and tilted her head back, her Asian features softening in relaxation.
“Whoa,” she said. Her hands clasped the back of my head and pressed me to her breast as I started sucking. “Oh yeah,” she moaned. “Oh yeah.”
Honestly, at this point it was more of a delaying tactic than anything else. Even with my ultimate fantasy coming true, I still needed a few minutes to build back my erection for the second girl. I shifted to her other nipple for a moment, and she let out this little purring noise from the back of her throat. I may have been dragging it out, but at least I wasn’t boring her.
Jessica was about a month less pregnant than Selena, which meant there was less bump to navigate around. My mouth kept working on her nipple as I worked my hands down her thigh and then up around her pussy. I was a little surprised to find that the wetness had run halfway down to her knees.
“Oh my, you are ready for me aren’t you?” I said softly.
“Less talking,” she implored, “more sucking.”
I was all too happy to oblige. Her small but well-formed Asian breasts were probably normally B cups, but they’d swollen into full, voluminous C cups and would probably make it to D’s. A trickle of milk was coming out, and while I really wasn’t that excited about the flavor, swallowing it made more sense than spitting it out or putting it to any other use I’d seen in a porno.
My questing fingers found her slit, then her clitoris, and finally her vagina. As my index finger sunk into Jessica’s vagina and she moaned in pleasure, I was suddenly very glad that I keep my hangnails trimmed. She heated up as I moved from one finger to two a few moments later, and she squeezed my face to her breasts so tight that I may have left teeth marks. “Oh god,” she said, “Fuck me! Fuck me now!”
Hearing that from the woman I was about to make love to, was enough to wake my cock up again. I pulled away, my back sinking to the bed as she clambered forward. My dick was erect, and it skipped along the lower part of her belly as she climbed forward.
I reached over, supporting her on both of her hips and trying not to put the weight on her swollen abdomen as Jessica got herself into position. Her breasts hung down, and when I looked up into her eyes as her arms were straight out from her shoulders… what I knew was that she wanted me. All I could see in her eyes was just how much that was true.
I used my hands to guide her hips, helping her steer her vagina onto my penis. Her eyes closed in concentration as she reached down and grabbed my penis with her fingers, angling it towards her waiting slit.
What I’d felt with Selena was pure magic, and with Jessica it was a different kind of magic. Masturbation had left her so hot, wet, and ready for me that at first it was hard to tell that I was inside her. Her silky smooth vagina accepted my cock without resistance, every last inch of my cock sliding home inside her.  “Oh, I missed that,” she moaned.
A gentle thrust lifted her off the bed a little, and then she lowered back down. “Oh, this was what I needed,” she said.
With her on top, I didn’t need to worry about her belly like I had with Selena. I thrust hard, driving myself deep into her. The good news for me was that I’ve been swimming lately, far more than I have been – so my ass was in phenomenal shape.  Having sex twice a row for the first time since before my marriage was actually easier than I thought it’d be.
I drove inside of her repeatedly, enjoying every last moment as we fucked.  Jessica moaned with pleasure and at first I thought she was faking it – then I realized that she was building up to her second, third…?  I had no idea how many orgasms, although she had complained her clit was raw. I bottomed out in her, thrusting extra hard as I felt her pussy squeeze down on my cock.
The fact I’d already climaxed recently meant that this wasn’t going to finish too quickly.  So I kept thrusting into her, even as her vagina contracted in pleasure.
I could feel her juices running down between my legs, trickling down the crack of my butt. I didn’t care – I was having sex with two pregnant women today, both of whom were hotter than any woman I’d slept with so far.
Jessica tried to be quiet, but it didn’t work out so well. She cried out in pleasure, mostly just high pitched squeals of lust and pleasure. She rode me like a bronco, her hips bucking and thrusting and doing everything they could to coax the orgasm out of me that her body still wanted, even in the absence of a strict Darwinian need for it.
After all, her inner cavewoman was as accomplished as she could be: a fetus was growing within her womb. Until she gave birth, she didn’t actually need any more sperm. But her instincts for breeding didn’t care; she wanted my sperm, too. And I was all too happy to give it to her.
Jessica bent over and let her breasts brush against me as her panting mouth hovered just inches from mine. I kissed her briefly, a couple of pecks, trying not to cut off her air supply. Despite her rapid breathing, Jessica latched onto my lips and started french kissing me, letting her belly press up against me as I ran my hands up and down her spine, feeling every curve. My cock felt like it was getting even harder, but I wasn’t anywhere close to orgasm yet. After a few seconds of this, Jessica came up for air, going back to supporting herself on her palms. She looked down at me, her face a mask of lust as I continued pistoning inside of her.  “Fuck me,” she begged.
I nodded.  “Doing it already, as you might have noticed.”
She snorted and laughed, sending ripples of tension through her body – which did delightful things to her vagina. “Cum in me?” she asked.
“That’s my plan. Do you have an objection…?”
She stopped talking and went back to fucking me, apparently reassured by our agreement. We maintained a steady tempo for what felt like a half hour, but was really only about 10-15 minutes. It felt like our bodies were one; joined together, and proceeding forward to a shared destination. I heard some heavy breathing from the other direction, and looked over to see Selena fingering herself with her cum-slicked fingers. She was playing with one of her breasts as she did so, and a few droplets leaked out of her left breast. I looked back to Jessica, who smiled and asked, “Want to see if we can all finish together?”
I was starting to feel another orgasm building up, so I shrugged. “I’ll try”, I said.
Jessica responded by thrusting hard, taking me deep inside her. Her hips felt like they were sucking me in, her vagina begging to be filled by my cock. Her breathing was faster and faster, and I felt that familiar warmth beginning to build up in my midriff and work its way down towards my dick. Jessica’s vagina began tensing; I was fucking her, and I meant to leave my cum inside her.
Selena was breathing harder too. Her fingers strummed like a guitarist, in and out of her vagina as she started moaning in the beginning of her orgasm. Jessica moaned too, creating a sort of surround sound orgasm which took me right over the edge.
My dick jerked like a revolver going off – there was no warning, just an ejaculation at the end of my thrust. It was like an electric jolt, and I gripped Jessica’s hips firmly as I came. She moaned and thrusting back so hard that I bottomed out. My dick was at the end of her vagina, and erupting point-blank. I shuddered as the familiar pulses pumped sperm from my prostate and Jessica cried out in pleasure as my warmth filled her most intimate regions.
I didn’t cum quite as hard as I had with Selena, but Jessica didn’t know that. Over to the side, Selena jammed her fingers inside her pussy and clenched her legs together, grinding herself against the three or four fingers inside her. She let out a muffled scream as her climax reached its apex.
Jessica kissed me, her tongue exploring my mouth as her vagina filled with my sticky cum. I wrapped my hands around her ass and pulled hard, bringing just millimeters more penetration. She let out a moan and squeezed my torso as we mated.
Jessica panted for breath as the last of my sperm lumped inside her, then she groaned as something jabbed against my stomach. Jessica groaned and brought her hand up to her side and rolled off of me.
“Are you ok?” I asked.
She took my hand and laid it over her belly, and I could feel her baby moving inside her. “Yeah, he just didn’t like me laying on top of you,” she said.
Selena scooted up against the headboard of the bed and placed my other palm on her belly. I was in heaven, leaning back on the bed with hands on the swollen bellies of two gorgeous pregnant girls. Selena’s baby had gone back to sleep, but Jessica’s was definitely still moving around. My dick was wet and sticky, and my abs were killing me from the exercise. My hips – well, let’s just say they hadn’t seen action in a year, and it was a serious problem for me. As my head began to clear, I resolved to do some exercises in the gym for that.
“Did you girls have a good time?” I asked.
Selena’s hands were over mine, her eyes half closed as we lay there in bed. “Maaaaybe”, the Latina purred out.
“What my friend here means to say is, hell yes,” Jessica retorted from the other side.
The two girls giggled nervously, and both were blushing hard.  “I can’t believe we went through with that,” Jessica said. “We’ve talked about it almost as long as we’ve known each other.”
“Me either,” Selena agreed. “I’m so glad we did, though.”
I shrugged.  “Well, I don’t mind taking care of you – in any sense you meant that.”
“Are we doing this again?” Jessica asked.
“My vote is yes. I had a great time, you had a great time, and I’d be happy to meet with either or both of you for as long as you want,” I offered.
“But only until the baby’s born,” Selena pouted, rubbing her belly. “Once this is flat again, you won’t be interested anymore.”
I shook my head. “Kinda doubt you’ll want me around right after the baby’s born, to be honest. But I’m not only into pregnant girls – I’d be happy to sleep with you afterwards, too. So when you feel like getting laid again, give me a call.  Or if you just need me to drop off burritos or something… I figure this single mom thing won’t be so easy, right?”
Jessica shook her head. “I don’t even know how I’m gonna do it,” she said.
Selena leaned over and thumped Jessica on the forehead. “We’ll figure that out tomorrow. But today is great, and we’ve got a guy to take care of our physical needs for a while. Quit complaining until we’ve actually got kids to deal with.”
I chuckled and closed my eyes, enjoying the fact that I could feel one naked female on either side of me. It was going to be a great few months at least, and then… who knows what?

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