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erotica print anthology 2

These anthologies contain everything I’ve published from when I started in late 2012, through 2015. Volume 1 leaves Kindle Unlimited on 3/31/23; Volume 2 follows it on 4/21/23. Both will be available via other distributors as eBooks afterwards, including Amazon. The only thing going away is Kindle Unlimited access to it.

Contents of Volume 1:

Progenitor: When Philip Young awakens in a new body gifted to him by aliens, he’s filled with wonder. But when he’s dropped back on Earth, women are filled with lust. He’s been brought back to spread the next wave of human evolution, and any women who smells his pheromones is determined to be a part of it. Their wombs begin swelling with eggs within minutes, and other women are compelled to insert them – after which the shells dissolve, leaving ordinary-but-evolved human embryos. The only thing Philip knows for sure about his new body, is that it will self-destruct if he gets arrested – and his pheromones make it difficult to maintain a low profile!

Merlin’s Magic Wang: A crazy stranger leaves a college student with a ring which he swears is a portal into the vagina of any live, non-virginal adult woman he desires. He left out the part where the magic relic is intensely addictive, and seems to have an agenda of its own. Can Jack avoid impregnating every woman he sees? More importantly, will he want to?

Morgan’s Curse: Morgan Le Fay is tired. Merlin cursed her a thousand years ago to jump bodies every time she had sex, and her lust demon servant Argyle has been trying to devour her soul for about half that time. When she learns that Merlin has been reborn as a helpless infant, she sets out to end her curse the only way she knows how: to kill him.

Winning the Genetic Lottery: An idea contest judged by a bored trillionaire gives a billion dollars to the man with the most novel use for it. Jim wins by flippantly saying he’d use the money to impregnate more women than any man in history, and overnight his life changes  – now he actually has to do it! What Jim doesn’t realize, as he’s hiring staff to make his operation run smoothly, is that one of his new hires is from an internet pregnancy fetish forum, and she’s trying to get all of its members hired at his mansion!

Cupid’s Armorer: Bows and arrows can’t penetrate human hearts anymore, which leaves the Cupid division in danger of being shut down. When Clint, an Army armorer dies in Afghanistan, St. Michael decides to use him in a last gamble: to replace the Cupids’ traditional bows and arrows with sniper rifles. Clint agrees to give it a try – and then he meets another Cupid, the beautiful but damaged Bethany. She’s in danger of Falling – and he’s in danger of falling for her.

She Only Wore a Shirt to the Funeral: Based on true events in the author’s life – a woman shows up to a funeral wearing a long button-up shirt in place of a dress. She gets the attention of Brent Allen, and in no time they find a private room at the reception so that Brent can get to the bottom of why she considers her shirt to be a dress.

Contents of Volume 2:

Progenitor 2: Unexpectedly brought back from the dead, Philip Young has a lot to sort out. His new body is designed to usher in the next wave of human evolution, but that power comes with a great price. His alien pheromones have no off switch, no pause button, and permit him absolutely no downtime. Philip’s greatest challenge is trying to blend in with a world where every woman wants to rip his clothes off. (Sequel to “Progenitor”, found in Vol. 1)

Cum In Me If You Want To Live: 47 years in the future, an AI named Worldnet will make Earth a peaceful paradise. Unfortunately, the alien Solrani will attack shortly thereafter. Desperate, Worldnet finds an alternate reality where the Solrani were defeated because of thirteen key people who were never born in its reality. Worldnet sends its most advanced shape-shifting infiltrator droid back to our time to ensure that the thirteen are conceived – even if she must do it herself! (New, standalone story)

They Needed A Jump: Fresh out of a divorce, our hero is determined not to get into a rebound relationship. But when two smoking hot pregnant women have engine trouble outside his favorite gym, his chivalry gets the best of him. And when it turns out that they’re not only pregnant but unattached and horny, none of them find it possible to say no. (New, standalone story)

Evil Takes Wang: Two years ago, Eric accidentally bound himself into a lifelong contract with an imp named Rajesh. Rajesh has the ability to release him from this contract, but has only recently offered to do so – if Eric will unlock an ancient magical relic created by the wizard Merlin so that Rajesh can have its stockpile of Power. The relic unexpectedly fuses itself to Eric’s body, and now any time he becomes aroused, his penis teleports into whatever woman he’s looking at. The only way to remove it is to use it, and unfortunately for Eric, a local fertility cult finds out that he’s got the relic. Jillian, a priestess of Mordred, intends to use Eric – and her army of hunky slave men – to reincarnate her god. Can Rajesh help Eric escape the cult with his life? (Sequel to “Merlin’s Magic Wang” and “Morgan’s Curse”, both found in Vol. 1)

She Wore Shorts to the Gas Station: Brent’s filling his tank at a gas station one night, when an eye-catching girl in shorts walks by. One thing leads to another, and he catches her eye too. Little does Brent know that she and her friends have a game called “Baby Roulette”, and she’s determined to play it with him! (Sequel to ‘She Only Wore a Shirt to the Funeral’, found in Vol. 1)


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