The “Progenitor” Series

About Ken Haramiru’s “Progenitor” Series

Ken Haramiru’s “Progenitor” is a science-fiction erotica series which hails back to classic late-80s to mid-90s sci-fi movies.  A common theme back then was when a visitor from another world arrived on Earth with the goal of reproducing with massive numbers of women.  In most of the movies, the visitor had sinister plans, but the Progenitor series is a good-natured erotic romp which impregnates dozens of women in each story.

First released in 2011 on a now-defunct forum named, my fans eventually convinced me to write an eBook version for the mass market.  It and the “Merlin’s Magic Wang” series are my two most popular series.

Progenitor 1 opens with Philip Young’s death, and chronicles the first day of his new life.

You can either download the free version or buy the commercial version from my Progenitor 1 page.

Progenitor 2

Progenitor 2 was released 7/10/13. Fully 60% of this story is new content, and does not appear in the earlier free edition.

Progenitor 2 covers Philip’s attempts to get clothes and blend into society, and introduces the only woman who can remember him.

You can either download the free version or buy the commercial version from my Progenitor 2 page.

Progenitor 3

Progenitor 3 was released in April 2017, and is around 29,500 words long. In this story, the Progenitor runs into a cute co-ed with a breeding kink, who wants to see swollen bellies all over campus – and for one of them to be hers.

For more details, including ordering, see the Progenitor 3 page.

Earlier free versions

Please bear in mind that the free versions are about a third as long as the eBook versions.  And that for the off-site links to, I can’t actually edit them once published, so there are typos and such which are not necessarily in the commercial version.  Soon, I’ll have moved all of my free editions onto local hosting like Progenitor 1.

  • Progenitor 1: Sex on the Beach
  • Progenitor 2: Just a Shopping Trip
  • Progenitor 3: The third Progenitor story was published on Impregnorium, but received mixed reviews.  It was an anchovy: either people thought it was the best story in the group, or the worst, and no one was in between on it.  The original is available upon request, but I’ve decided not to generally release the old version. It just diverges way too much from the way the series moves, and the published version is truly a much better story.


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