The Fallback Plan

Kara’s colony ship spent over a century to reach its new world, carrying thousands of humans in the form of DNA samples and digital consciousness. When the ship awakened her, the first thing it told her was that the ship’s artificial wombs had been destroyed in journey, meaning the colonists couldn’t be revived. The next thing the AI told her, was that it had spent the rest of the voyage devising a workaround for the lack of artificial wombs. And she wasn’t going to like it.

This is a work in progress. It is available for early access via my subscription/episodic platforms, and there are eBooks listed below to make these episodes available to folks who can’t or don’t care to use episodic access.

The first two books of this series are available now – I expect this plotline to be fully resolved in the space of about four eBooks. The colony’s story may continue in another book series, but “The Fallback Plan” is just the story of being stuck on the Agamemnon.

The eBooks are priced at $2.99 each, which is about how much the tokens to read the episodes inside would cost, so no one feels like the other side got a better deal.

Book 1 contains episodes 1-14, and Book 2 (coming 2023-06-01) contains episodes 15-24. If you have already bought access to these episodes elsewhere, please be aware that these eBooks won’t be new content to you.

Sites where the eBook series is available:

There will also eventually be a compilation eBook of all of The Fallback Plan in eBook and paperback once the arc has concluded and all the component eBooks have been published.

If you’re a subscriber on my Reamstories site via one of the tiers that includes The Fallback Plan, you already have access to all published episodes as part of your subscription. As I’ve mentioned in a blog post, if you are a subscriber who’s paid for episodic access to this story, you may request a free copy of the final eBook once it is all done with. This offer is not available to folks who subscribe after the story has ended (which will likely be in July-August 2023 – there’ll be an announcement as it gets close).


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