The “Breeding Camelot Style” Series

Ken Haramiru’s “Breeding Camelot Style” series was first released to the public with the free edition of a story called”Merlin’s Magic Wang”.  It was the second erotic short Ken had ever released, just after his first “Progenitor” story.

Series Premise

Few sources of Power are more potent than fertility magic, and many of history’s most powerful wizards – including Merlin – specialized in it.  The “Breeding Camelot Style” series is set in the modern era, with the inter-connected stories set in times varying from the late 80s through the present day.

 Evil Takes Wang (Book 3, Most Recent Release)

Although it is the third book released in the “Breeding Camelot Style” series, “Evil Takes Wang” takes place before the other two stories and does not require any continuity from them.  It and the other two stories do have continuity with the upcoming “Mordred Rising”, however.  It may be read on its own without spoiling anything.

Once summoned, a demon is hard to get rid of.  When Rajesh offers his summoner a way out, he’s eager to take it, even though it means trying out a mysterious magical artifact.  What neither one realizes is that this will make them targets to a dangerous cult which plans to use it to bring demons into our world.

This title is available from multiple sources on the “Evil Takes Wang” page.

Merlin’s Magic Wang (Book 1)

Ken Haramiru's "Merlin's Magic Wang" series
Ken Haramiru’s “Merlin’s Magic Wang” series

A college student is given a mysterious ring which once belonged to the wizard Merlin.  He quickly learns how to use it, and discovers that he loves to get women pregnant.  The paid eBook version is 2.5x the length of the free edition, and both the free and paid edition are available from multiple sources on the “Merlin’s Magic Wang” page.

Morgan’s Curse (Book 2)

Merlin's been reborn, and Morgan Le Fay is not happy about it!
Merlin’s been reborn, and Morgan Le Fay is not happy about it!

Merlin’s been reborn, and Morgan Le Faye is pissed!

In this 26,000 word sequel to “Merlin’s Magic Wang”, we learn that over a thousand years ago, Merlin cursed his cheating lover Morgan Le Fay to switch bodies every time she has sex. This leaves her doomed to inhabit either a pregnant female body or a near-powerless male one. She and her succubus servant are determined to end the curse by killing Merlin while he’s still a helpless infant.

The paid and free versions are both available from the “Morgan’s Curse” page.

Earlier free versions

These are presently links to, because that seems to be the more popular place to read them at.  No login is required, but if you like them I’d appreciate it if you could click the “up-vote” button at the bottom once you get done reading them.  If I get a lot of interest in it, I may perhaps release them with eBook formatting but the same content.  Please bear in mind that the free versions are about a third as long as the eBook versions, and because doesn’t let me edit them once they’ve been published, these should be considered to be rough drafts.


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