Who is Haramiru?

My username came from my name, which is Ken Haramiru.  I live in a large city on the west coast of the US, and have some truly wonderful pets.  I’m also in the process of getting a divorce (her choice entirely, and not related to my writing), and while I count down the months until it’s final, I’m compiling a “Fukkit List” of women I must bed before I settle down again.  An example of the List would be a redhead, an Aussie, a Brit, an Asian, etc etc.

How much of your real life is in your stories?

I try not to rely much on my real life for writing beyond geographical experience, and I write what I think my readers will like.  Let’s face it: if I were writing science fiction and fantasy erotica from experience, I’d have way better things (and/or people) to be doing than simply writing about it.

Why have a blog?

I’ve been posting my short stories on a few websites for a while now.  I started out on Literotica, and when some fans convinced me that I should put together a commercial eBook, I decided to first expand my free stories into stories.xnxx.com, storiesonline.net, and short-fiction.co.uk, to build readership and find out what works and what doesn’t, before the plunge into actual publishing.

I’d really like to eventually reach the kind of give-and-take community experience that some of my favorite science fiction authors have on their Facebook pages.  I know it’s pretty unlikely that people will talk THAT much here, but who knows.  Just in case my novels set off a minor wave of fame and interest, I’m establishing a place for my readers to find out what’s coming up next before they start looking for it.

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  1. You’re very welcome, first of all.

    You’re supposed to:

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    Does that help? I think that’s all there was.

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