Who is Haramiru?

My username came from my name, which is Ken Haramiru.  I live in a large city on the west coast of the US, and have some truly wonderful pets.

How much of your real life is in your stories?

I try not to rely much on my real life for writing beyond geographical experience, and I write what I think my readers will like.  Let’s face it: if I were writing science fiction and fantasy erotica from experience, I’d have way better things (and/or people) to be doing than simply writing about it.

Why have a blog?

I’ve been posting my short stories on a few websites for a while now.  I started out on Literotica, and when some fans convinced me that I should put together a commercial eBook, I decided to first expand my free stories into stories.xnxx.com, storiesonline.net, and short-fiction.co.uk (which has since closed), to build readership and find out what works and what doesn’t, before the plunge into actual publishing.

I’d really like to eventually reach the kind of give-and-take community experience that some of my favorite science fiction authors have on their Facebook pages.  I know it’s pretty unlikely that people will talk THAT much here, but who knows.  Just in case my novels set off a minor wave of fame and interest, I’m establishing a place for my readers to find out what’s coming up next before they start looking for it.


3 responses to “About”

    1. Haramiru Avatar

      Thanks! Uh, how does this work? Looked back at your blog but wasn’t quite sure how the 7 things work, etc. Are there rules posted somewhere?

  1. evaklaess Avatar

    You’re very welcome, first of all.

    You’re supposed to:

    Link to the person who nominated you.
    Nominate up to 15 people, include links.
    List 7 tidbits about yourself that others might not know.
    Then leave comments somewhere on the blogs of the people you nominate.

    Does that help? I think that’s all there was.

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