Ken Haramiru’s Progenitor

Ken Haramiru's "Progenitor", a sci-fi breeding series

Ken Haramiru’s “Progenitor” is unique sci-fi erotica

Reborn as the irresistible Progenitor, a World War 2 veteran is out to spread the next stage of human evolution. His new, alien-built body exudes pheromones which make every woman around him want him. But his altered genetics have added a few optimizations to the breeding process along the way.

Ken Haramiru’s “Progenitor” hails back to classic late-80s to mid-90s sci-fi movies, where a visitor from another world arrived on Earth to reproduce with massive numbers of women.  In most of the movies, the visitor had sinister plans, but the Progenitor series is a good-natured erotic romp which impregnates dozens of women in each story. First released in 2011 on a now-defunct forum named, my fans eventually convinced me to write an eBook version for the mass market.  It and the “Merlin’s Magic Wang” series are my two most popular series. Progenitor 1 opens with Philip Young’s death, and chronicles the first day of his new life.  Note: This story also appears in my 2012 Breeding Anthology, which is presently available for free unlimited reading to Kindle Unlimited subscribers.

Getting the Deluxe Commercial Edition

Getting the Free Edition
Click the download link below this paragraph in order to obtain the free PDF of Progenitor 1.  If you’d rather read it in your web browser, you can click here. 

Progenitor 1, Free PDF Edition

Progenitor 2

Progenitor has a sequel, not surprisingly called “Progenitor 2”.

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