In addition to completed eBooks, I offer access to my works-in-progress to those fans who want to read them before the final eBooks come out. They are released chapter-by-chapter.

If you’re already a Ream subscriber and are trying to access your content, click here for the member page.

My use of episodic or subscription platforms absolutely doesn’t mean that I am abandoning traditional eBooks. It’s a way to let my fans read my works in progress, and that accountability ensures that I actually keep moving forward instead of getting distracted with life stuff. As soon as the stories conclude, I absolutely intend to publish the completed works as eBooks via my ordinary distribution networks.

Please be aware that for my longer episodic stories, such as The Fallback Plan, I offer eBooks which are bundles of earlier episodes. The most economical way to catch up on The Fallback Plan from episode 1 to current, is via a subscription on Reamstories. Once you’re caught up, the most economical way to remain caught up would be Vella or (if you’re patient) the eBooks. The most convenient way though is just to keep your subscription active, vs juggling services.

Where possible, I try to offer the following subscription types:

  • Full Work-In-Progress – All works in progress
  • Full Work-In-Progress plus Catchup – For those who (for instance) want to read Progenitor 4, and also want copies of Progenitor 1-3 included so that they can catch up.
  • All-Inclusive – All back catalog and work in progress
  • Just one WIP – priced based on the title in question’s release schedule. Titles that release once every 2 weeks do not cost as much as titles that release twice a week, for instance.
  • A La Carte Episodes – this is the only way that Vella supports, and Ream plans to add support for this in the future. I will support every method my readers prefer, provided that the maintenance effort doesn’t reach a point where it impacts my writing time.

My three venues for viewing works in progress, in alphabetical order, are:

  • Gumroad (still trying to sort out how to configure it)
  • Kindle Vella (US-only, but effective)
  • Reamstories (FULLY working as expected; folks with a subscription get access to chapters as they release)

As of this writing on 3/13/2023, the current stories are:

  • The Fallback Plan (releases twice a week)
  • Progenitor 4 (releases every other week)
  • Winning The Genetic Lottery 2 (releases every other week)

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