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  • Genetic Lottery 2, Ep5

    Episode 5 of “Winning the Genetic Lottery” is live. “Filling In My Publicist” is an episode where Jim finds a publicist to cover the PR aspect of his mayoral campaign. Winning the Genetic Lottery 2 posts a new episode every other Tuesday.

  • The Fallback Plan, Ep10

    Episode 10 of The Fallback Plan, “Noriko’s Birth” is live. Kara reaches full term and delivers Noriko Camp, a doctor she knew before the Fallback Plan started. Kara’s next moves in the ongoing chess game with the ship’s computer become clear to her. The Fallback Plan releases new episodes every Saturday and Tuesday at midnight […]

  • Pressed the big red button!

    I’ve been publishing chapters via Vella now for a little while, and sat back to think about it this weekend. The outcome of that thinking, is that I need to put together a release calendar to keep track of what I’m writing, and when I need it by. So once I did that, it became […]

  • Day 3 Evening, Pregnant with Noriko

  • Progenitor 4

    I decided there’s no reason to be unfair to my Progenitor fans by leaving them out of the Vella party, so here we are. I’ve just published the first chapter of Progenitor 4 as a Vella episode, and I’m following an every-two-weeks release cycle for it. This means the first three chapters, previously unseen to […]

  • The Fallback Plan, Ep7: Susan’s Birth

    Kara spends tense hours desperately trying to avoid early labor, but to no avail. The ship stalls her labor until it deems the child to be ready, then insists that she deliver naturally. New episodes are presently posted every Tuesday and Saturday. As of this writing, new episodes are scheduled all the way into March […]

  • GL2 Ep1 is now live!

    Although less popular than my science fiction and fantasy, I get a ton of requests for a new installment of “Winning the Genetic Lottery”. Much like The Fallback Plan, I’ve decided to publish what I have so far as episodes on Kindle Vella. My every-other-week release schedule for this title is much slower than The […]

  • The Fallback Plan ep6 is live!

    Day 2 Evening: Suspicion Kara copes with second-trimester body changes, and increasingly realizes that the computer is covering up something major about the ship’s condition. As a note, day 2 spans three episodes. Vella’s word count constraints are a little ‘interesting’ to work with. This is the last of Day 2, Day 3 only takes […]

  • The Fallback Plan ep5 is live!

    The Fallback Plan, Episode 5 is live on Amazon Vella! Day 2 Afternoon: Growing Kara’s pregnancy progresses, and so do her suspicions that Agamemnon’s AI is hiding something from her. (Click image to the left go to the story) As a note, day 2 spans three episodes. Vella’s word count constraints are a little ‘interesting’ […]

  • The Fallback Plan’s live on Amazon Vella

    So, I’ve decided that I am going to give Amazon Vella a try, and publish “The Fallback Plan” on it. For those who aren’t familiar with it, it’s an episodic / incremental publishing model run by Amazon where, much like the old radio dramas folks used to listen to, you write a story in episodes […]


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