Free updates to two ebooks!

I’m pleased to announce that I’ve just finished the updates to two of my eBooks:

  • Cum In Me If You Want To Live
  • Evil Takes Wang

These are both part of Volume 2 of my breeding anthology, and I’m just one story away from fully updating that anthology.

In Evil Takes Wang, I still vividly remember and can see the scenes in my head from when I was writing it. But coming back to the story ten years later, I see several places where I didn’t do the best job of describing what was going on. There were parts where it seemed to jump, because I didn’t get all those bits written down. That’s been fixed now, so anyone who’s bought this story via Amazon or Smashwords will be able to fetch the latest copy and enjoy a better transcription of what was in my head when I wrote it. If you’re a fan of the series, I do recommend a re-read through this one – I think the improvements are worth it. If you bought the Anthology Vol2 though, apologies but I haven’t updated that yet. I have one more story to update before the Vol2 ebook can be re-uploaded. Owners of the individual ebooks should be able to download the updated versions within the next three days, though.

In Cum In Me If You Want To Live, which is my only blocked work on Amazon so far, it wasn’t really missing any pieces. But, it did get another go-over with my modern grammar checker. It reads more smoothly now, but I don’t think fans are missing anything by not re-reading it.

Because this topic came up recently, I’ll also briefly discuss my future plans.

Right now, my writing time is fully occupied. I’m publishing The Fallback Plan twice a week, Progenitor 4 and Winning The Genetic Lottery 2 every other week, and working full-time in my IT-industry job. I’m getting more writing done than I’ve managed since 2013, but it’s only sustainable because I started with 50% or so of the stories already written before I started.

I still expect to finish out all three of these stories without missing anything in my release schedule. But once they’re finished, my sustainable pace will probably drop down to about half of what I’m releasing now across all my stories. For fresh stories with no pre-existing content, I’ll commit to weekly chapter releases on one or two stories instead of courting the inevitable failure which comes from trying to write more than what’s sustainable on a week-to-week basis.



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