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  • The Fallback Plan: Awakening eBook releasing on 5/1/23!

    I had a realization today, that there was nothing stopping me from releasing The Fallback Plan as a series of eBooks. My original plan had been to wait until I finished everything and then release a single eBook at the end. While I do still intend to do that, there’s no good reason why I […]

  • Free updates to two ebooks!

    I’m pleased to announce that I’ve just finished the updates to two of my eBooks: These are both part of Volume 2 of my breeding anthology, and I’m just one story away from fully updating that anthology. In Evil Takes Wang, I still vividly remember and can see the scenes in my head from when […]

  • New distributor: Gumroad

    So, in my quest to ensure that my international fans are able to read my work-in-progress stories, I must diversify my episodic publishing beyond the US-only Kindle Vella platform. I’m working on two new distributors, one of which I’ve set up a limited storefront on already, and the other of which I’m waiting on an […]

  • Genetic Lottery 2, Ep5

    Episode 5 of “Winning the Genetic Lottery” is live. “Filling In My Publicist” is an episode where Jim finds a publicist to cover the PR aspect of his mayoral campaign. Winning the Genetic Lottery 2 posts a new episode every other Tuesday.

  • The Fallback Plan, Ep10

    Episode 10 of The Fallback Plan, “Noriko’s Birth” is live. Kara reaches full term and delivers Noriko Camp, a doctor she knew before the Fallback Plan started. Kara’s next moves in the ongoing chess game with the ship’s computer become clear to her. The Fallback Plan releases new episodes every Saturday and Tuesday at midnight […]

  • Pressed the big red button!

    I’ve been publishing chapters via Vella now for a little while, and sat back to think about it this weekend. The outcome of that thinking, is that I need to put together a release calendar to keep track of what I’m writing, and when I need it by. So once I did that, it became […]

  • The Fallback Plan ep6 is live!

    Day 2 Evening: Suspicion Kara copes with second-trimester body changes, and increasingly realizes that the computer is covering up something major about the ship’s condition. As a note, day 2 spans three episodes. Vella’s word count constraints are a little ‘interesting’ to work with. This is the last of Day 2, Day 3 only takes […]

  • …I’m not dead yet.

    Just a statement, though my publication schedule doesn’t reflect this. I’m acutely aware that I haven’t put out anything new in a while. That having been said, anyone into breeding does have to take into account that as you and your spouse add kids to this world, your responsibilities also increase. I am blessed with […]

  • Progenitor 3 final draft out to beta readers!

    Nearly four years after releasing Progenitor 2, Progenitor 3 is finally out to the beta readers! Unless they happen to spot something glaringly wrong with it, I expect to release it within the next couple of weeks. Until I hear back, I’m going to occupy myself with eBook formatting so that it’s ready for release […]

  • Progenitor 3 nearly finished!

    Progenitor 3 is almost finished, finally! I’ve been getting a fair amount of writing done in the evenings lately, and Progenitor 3 has really been coming together. Those who read the version that I posted years ago on the Impregnorium will notice that certain primary points – such as the girls’ bedroom, the sorority house […]


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