New distributor: Gumroad

So, in my quest to ensure that my international fans are able to read my work-in-progress stories, I must diversify my episodic publishing beyond the US-only Kindle Vella platform.

I’m working on two new distributors, one of which I’ve set up a limited storefront on already, and the other of which I’m waiting on an invite to. Once I have access, I intend to set up over there and post a link to it. If I were to guess, I think the second one will be a considerably better experience for everyone, but I know Gumroad is popular and some folks may prefer to consume content over there.

My gumroad link:

My Gumroad storefront doesn’t have my episodic content just yet, but some of my eBooks are present on it already. Episodic content (The Fallback Plan, Progenitor 4, Winning The Genetic Lottery 2) will be under a subscription model, because micro-payments like Vella uses, just aren’t feasible on Gumroad due to processing fees. The cut they take is about the same as Amazon and Smashwords take for things priced at $3, but the percentage of their cut goes way higher as the price goes lower.

When I’m ready for subscriptions, I’m planning to offer a few tiers of subscription, whether it’s on Gumroad or the new site:

All-Inclusive – All back catalog and work in progress

Full Work-In-Progress – All works in progress

Full Work-In-Progress plus Catchup – For those who (for instance) want to read Progenitor 4, and also want copies of Progenitor 1-3 included so that they can catch up.

Just one WIP – priced based upon the title in question’s release schedule. Titles which release once every 2 weeks do not cost as much as titles which release twice a week, for instance.

As to the question of “when”… well, I’m going to give the second service about another week to come online so that I can launch both subscriptions at the same time. Right now I can’t provide the All-Inclusive tier anyway, because I’m not done with my 2023 refresh of my back-catalog yet. The 2023 refresh has involved going through, updating typos, updating the list of my stories in the back, and massaging a few awkward scenes for a better experience. For the Progenitor series, it’s also involved refreshed cover art because my cover artist just felt like doing new ones one day.

If you have questions, please feel free to ask in the comments.

Refreshed titles

  • Progenitor 1-3
  • They Needed A Jump
  • Winning The Genetic Lottery

Titles Pending Refresh

  • Breeding Camelot Style series (Merlin’s Magic Wang, Morgan’s Curse, Evil Takes Wang)
  • Cupid’s Armorer
  • She Wore series (A Shirt To The Funeral, Shorts to the Gas Station)
  • Cum In Me If You Want To Live






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