Nearly a year after my last Progenitor chapter was posted, I’m back

Divorce sucks, and getting co-parenting settled out took much longer than I anticipated. It also created major problems at work, and put me quite a bit behind schedule on some important projects. That put life into a spiral for quite a while. Given my audience, it’d be nice to have said that a dating and sex life was actually why I’ve been absent, but it hasn’t even been the slightest blip on the radar. There’s just been no time to think about it. I’m finally able to commit half an hour a day to writing again though, and I’ve been making that work for the past two weeks. I didn’t want to post something about it and then disappoint people if I wasn’t able to make it last more than a few days, but here we are now.

Unfortunately, that doesn’t mean that I’ve had two weeks of writing new content and have new chapters to post yet. It’s been long enough that I need to re-read my story before writing more, because otherwise I risk contradicting events that happened previously. The good news for you though, is that I also massage, edit, and smooth things along the way. So I am happy to report that I’ve smoothed out a number of the rough spots that happened in Vegas in Progenitor 4, which is the first title I’m working on finishing out (as it’s close to completion). Once I have made it to the end of what’s already published, I’ll update the versions of those chapters already online at both Ream and Vella. Anyone interested is free to re-read those chapters; you shouldn’t get charged a second time for them. The bit with the escape from the casino flows much nicer than it did previously.

And once that’s done, I get to move on to finishing Progenitor 4. The current plan is for there to be 12 chapters; 9 have already been published, and I have outlines for the remaining three. Chapter 10 is about a quarter written already. It is always possible I’ll have one more or less chapter by the time it’s over, but 12 is the most likely end count.

Once that’s done, it’s back to new chapters of The Fallback Plan. I am honestly not looking forward to catching back up on that one, as it’s a much longer story and it’ll take a longer time reading/editing before I am ready to move forward with new content on it. But once I’m caught up, it should move pretty quickly. I have a lot more outlines and notes on it than I had for Progenitor 4, as I tend to design/outline ahead less on shorter stories than on longer ones.







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  1. Sean O'Neill Avatar
    Sean O’Neill

    Ken, glad to hear things are better for you and I can’t wait to read more of Phil’s adventures but I have to ask when will it be available on Amazon?

    1. haramiru Avatar

      Technically, Kindle Vella is part of Amazon, so 3/4ths of it is already there. But I presume you’re asking when it’ll be available as a complete eBook.

      Part of the answer to that is pretty straightforward. I do have to wait 30 days from when the last chapter’s been published on Amazon Vella before the final eBook can be released, but after that it’s good to go.

      The rest is less straightforward – I need to finish the story. This is the one I’m focusing my time on, so it’ll be done before anything else, but I don’t want to go making date promises I might not keep. I would anticipate that it should get finished up some time in the next few months, but I can’t promise. That having been said, you can check the Vella page at to see how many chapters have been posted. When I publish that 12th chapter, I am sure I’ll post here with a date of when the 30-day window expires so I can post the full ebook. But if you want to watch to see when I hit 10, 11, etc that link is a good way to do it.

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