Pressed the big red button!

I’ve been publishing chapters via Vella now for a little while, and sat back to think about it this weekend.

The outcome of that thinking, is that I need to put together a release calendar to keep track of what I’m writing, and when I need it by. So once I did that, it became very clear that I have The Fallback Plan episodes scheduled almost into April, and meanwhile the fans of Progenitor 4 were sitting there looking at a once-a-month release schedule and Genetic Lottery 2 was every two weeks.

I also found out, based upon some research, that dragging out the release of the first four chapters of GL2 and P4 was going to doom those titles to fizzle along for quite a while, since a lot of readers don’t even bother looking at a story unless there are already a few episodes posted. I get it – there’s too many one-chapter-wonders for people to waste their time reading a story that won’t go anywhere.

So since I already had scheduled episodes for those titles, I hit the big red button and released Winning the Genetic Lottery 2, eps 2-4 and Progenitor 4, eps 2-3 today.

Now, going forward, don’t expect me to do episode dumps every weekend unless I somehow trip and fall into a brick of illicit substances like that upcoming bear movie. (Search youtube… there’s an upcoming movie about a bear that gets into drugs and goes berserk)

Anyway… from this time forward and until further notice, here are the release schedules:

  • The Fallback Plan: 2x/wk, every Tue and Sat
  • Progenitor 4: Every other Wednesday, starting 3/1/23
  • Winning the Genetic Lottery 2: every other Monday, starting 2/20/23

I don’t have a solid estimate on when these stories will finish. But as soon as they do finish, I intend to assemble the episodes into chapters, make another editing pass, and release them as ebooks via all of my ordinary distribution channels. My recent focus on Vella is absolutely not diminishing my commitment to my readers on other platforms, it’s simply a way to ensure there’s visibility so my readers can see I am actually moving forward on the stories they love. If you want to read them on Vella, that’s great; if you’d rather wait for the ebook, I have zero problems with that.



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