2012 Anthology in print and eBook format!

Haramiru's 2012 Breeding Erotica: 6 stories of breeding pleasure

Haramiru’s 2012 Breeding Erotica: 6 stories of breeding pleasure

Good news: For those who want paper versions of my stories, there’s now an anthology of all my stories over the year of 2012.  The paperback edition is now on CreateSpace for $15.99, and the eBook is on Smashwords for $8.99.  For the cost conscious, the eBook gives you $14.95 worth of eBooks (if bought separately) for one low price.

The stories in this 350-page anthology are:

  • Progenitor
  • Merlin’s Magic Wang
  • Morgan’s Curse
  • Cupid’s Armorer
  • She Only Wore a Shirt to the Funeral
    • Winning the Genetic Lottery

There will also be an eBook version of this anthology too, obviously for a bit less because it’s digital.  I’m presently fighting with the electronic table of contents in the digital version, which will hopefully be resolved soon.

As a bonus, the first reader to send me a picture of the paperback edition in their hands, will receive a free eBook of “Cum in me if you want to live”.

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