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  • Pre-orders of Progenitor 3 for 4/10/17 release!

    In my last post, I said I planned to release Progenitor 3 in about two weeks – and that I would work on the eBook formatting between now and then. Well, I managed to get the formatting locked in, then I realized that both Amazon and Smashwords have pre-order systems that will take a fully-ready […]

  • Initial Authorstats Release – author statistics for all!

    First release of Authorstats today For those who have missed my postings about statistics and tracking sales, fear not – I haven’t retired from being OCD about it to roll around on top of my vast stacks of money, or anything like it.  I have finally released authorstats on Sourceforge.net!  Authorstats is the set of […]

  • New cover for “She Only Wore a Shirt to the Funeral”

    New cover art for “She Only Wore a Shirt to the Funeral” As my readers already know, earlier in this year I attended a funeral, where there was a striking blonde wearing nothing but a black button-up shirt and panties.  She looked pretty much like the woman in the picture.  Dhalia Rheine at Honeyshadow Design did an […]

  • Ken Haramiru’s Progenitor update live!

    Ken Haramiru’s updated “Progenitor” now live! The new, updated version of “Progenitor” is already live on Smashwords and Amazon!  The updated version has also been submitted to Barnes & Noble, and will soon be updated. For the moment, the 2012 anthology has the original eBook release of Progenitor in it, but I’ll be revising that […]

  • New erotic ebook, “She Wore Shorts to the Gas Station”!

      This morning, I decided that “She Wore Shorts to the Gas Station” was pretty much ready for release.  Right now it’s available at: Smashwords Barnes & Noble Amazon. Like the (free) preceding Brent Allen eBook “She Only Wore a Shirt to the Funeral”, Brent finds that his good looks and easy-going personality have led him straight into […]

  • Amazon embarrassed to admit it hosts erotica?

    Well, that explains it.  I wondered a while ago, why my author page stopped showing up if I typed ‘haramiru’ into Amazon under the basic search banner, and 3 of my 8 titles had disappeared. It seems that Amazon has decided that it doesn’t want to admit it hosts erotica anymore. So, they’ve ensured now […]

  • “Cum In Me If You Want To Live” now available everywhere!

    “Cum In Me If You Want To Live” is now live on Smashwords, and All Romance eBooks.  I’ll let the blurb I wrote up for it speak for itself, and then we’ve got an excerpt from the story coming up next. Incidentally, if you happen to be one of those who bought this story, I’ll point […]

  • Winning the Genetic Lottery now on iTunes!

    Well, will wonders never cease?  Now I have a second story in the iTunes bookstore, “Winning the Genetic Lottery”. As far as I know, I haven’t made any sales on Apple yet, but it’s refreshing to see things starting to trickle in there. For those who aren’t familiar, “Winning the Genetic Lottery” is the story of […]

  • Ken Haramiru’s stories finally available in the Apple store!

    iTunes now has eBooks by Ken Haramiru The difficulty of getting Apple to accept your Smashwords titles into the iTunes bookstore is a pretty commonly lamented thing among erotica authors.  The central issue is that if they reject it, you never actually know until you ask Smashwords about it a month or two later.  Even […]

  • 2012 Anthology in print and eBook format!

    Good news: For those who want paper versions of my stories, there’s now an anthology of all my stories over the year of 2012.  The paperback edition is now on CreateSpace for $15.99, and the eBook is on Smashwords for $8.99.  For the cost conscious, the eBook gives you $14.95 worth of eBooks (if bought […]


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