Amazon embarrassed to admit it hosts erotica?

Well, that explains it.  I wondered a while ago, why my author page stopped showing up if I typed ‘haramiru’ into Amazon under the basic search banner, and 3 of my 8 titles had disappeared.

It seems that Amazon has decided that it doesn’t want to admit it hosts erotica anymore.

So, they’ve ensured now that only full title searches or a search within ‘Kindle’ will actually come up with all my stuff.

I can already see a big difference in my sales.  “Merlin’s Magic Wang” always used to sell as many copies a month as “Progenitor”.  Well, Merlin’s Magic Wang was suppressed and Progenitor wasn’t, and Progenitor has sold 3 times as many copies as Merlin’s Magic Wang.  It’s also rather disappointing because “Cum In Me If You Want To Live” never even got a chance.  It was released right around when the new search rolled out, so it was suppressed from day one.

Stupid crap like this makes me want to throw a tantrum and pull my books from Amazon, but that’d accomplish precisely nothing.  I can just grumble and remember not to give titles suggestive names.  And I can suggest to you, my readers, that if you don’t particularly care who you buy my books from, please pick Barnes + Noble or Smashwords over Amazon.  Both of them would love to have your business.

I mean, ok, two of my “search-banned” stories’ titles made sense based on words in the title, but Morgan’s Curse…?  Maybe because it was the sequel to Merlin’s Magic Wang?

  • Cum In Me If You Want To Live
  • Merlin’s Magic Wang
  • Morgan’s Curse

At any rate, that’s my discovery for the night.  I’ve been amazingly unfocused lately, and have been making a little progress on four different stories every night.  Just waiting for major inspiration to complete one…






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