Credit where credit’s due – Amazon’s Echo helps me write

I’m not a tech blogger, but a couple pieces of tech did actually change my life I can and do reserve the right to say what I like about Amazon’s e-book related practices. I’m really not a fan of the way they treat erotica authors or their erotica customers. However, … Continue reading

In case you didn’t know, Erotica had its own Muse – Erato

Although I knew since I was a kid that the Greeks believed in nine Muses, I recently discovered that one of them in particular is responsible for erotica. Her name is Erato, and her specific responsibility is erotic poetry – which makes her the Muse which we erotica writers seek … Continue reading

Stats from Ken Haramiru ‘s first year of writing…

First, a review… First off, I wanted to share a nifty tweet from an author I know, Sidda Lee Rain.  (If you like pictures of barely-clothed cowboys and a variety of erotica, she’s good at that too). She liked my free title “She Only Wore a Shirt to the Funeral”, … Continue reading

Smashwords and BN both work quickly!

It’s with some sadness that I saw last night that Barnes and Noble has honored my request (made via Smashwords) to pull my books, minus the free one (“She Only Wore a Shirt to the Funeral”).  While Nook Press won’t let you publish a free book, Smashwords can still push a free … Continue reading

Barnes & Noble, I’m on my way

I just sent an ‘opt-out’ to Smashwords to de-list my stories on Barnes & Noble.  This is in order to avoid double-listing when I publish them on BN myself directly. As soon as any of my 8 stories disappear from BN, I’ll activate the direct-published version.  I hope to make … Continue reading

Et tu, author backlinks on Amazon?

This is about author pages.  Mine is located at and has been there for a while.  It doesn’t surprise me much that Amazon has flagged my author page as adult, and I no longer show up on search if you enter my name.  I used to, before they did that … Continue reading

Amazon embarrassed to admit it hosts erotica?

Well, that explains it.  I wondered a while ago, why my author page stopped showing up if I typed ‘haramiru’ into Amazon under the basic search banner, and 3 of my 8 titles had disappeared. It seems that Amazon has decided that it doesn’t want to admit it hosts erotica … Continue reading

Nothing new for a bit

Unfortunately, I haven’t been doing much lately.  Having to switch laptops (from a very writing-conducive Mac) to a number of less-powerful PC laptops running Linux has left me searching for a workflow that works for me. Which is not to say that I was using the Mac as a Mac. … Continue reading

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