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So, I’m going to use one of the Godaddy-managed WordPress hosting instances to host this blog from now on, moving it on from haramiru.wordpress.com to haramiru.com.  Along the way, I’ll pick up some new features, such as a lot more ad banner control.

It will also hopefully give me, a decent way to reduce the impact of Amazon’s half-arsed censorship.  It seems that Amazon’s store system is less affected by the whole “we’re going to hide the smut from you” thing than their main store, and they’ve got enough widgets that it’s possible to basically build your own damned Amazon.com lookalike front-end.  I also noticed some friendly little checkboxes in there about adult content.  I have a hunch that if I’ve got those checked, I can get Amazon to show the adult content in searches.  It’ll still do that annoying “warning: adult content” thing for the book covers until you’ve clicked through on it once, but if it takes care of the search suppression we’ve experienced so far, that’s half of the battle won right there.

If the solution is for folks like me to present the “beaded curtain” behind which you can view the smut Amazon doesn’t want you to see directly anymore, I’ll provide it. My new store link is now up, so check it out.

In order for this experiment to break even though, it’ll have to bring in $7.34/mo in ad revenue and/or new sales.  But even if it doesn’t break even though, it’ll still be a learning experience.






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