Et tu, author backlinks on Amazon?

This is about author pages.  Mine is located at and has been there for a while.  It doesn’t surprise me much that Amazon has flagged my author page as adult, and I no longer show up on search if you enter my name.  I used to, before they did that recent round of “let’s hide all of the breeding erotica and their authors” recently.  I still show up though, if you do a search within the Kindle store or books.

The interesting thing I just noticed is that Amazon has this “Customers also bought items by” section on its author pages.  If you use Google and enter the following:

“Customers also bought items by” “ken haramiru”

You’ll see how many Amazon author pages my name appears mentioned in backlinks to.  It used to go for 3-4 pages of results, but now there are only four results total.  It seems that although Amazon’s perfectly happy to link from your page into other “non-adult” authors, the only authors they’ll link TO a pariah author’s page are other pariah authors.  I’ve checked the other authors who link into me, and typing in their names into Amazon’s “all department” search doesn’t show them.  Just like me, their books which haven’t been flagged as breeding will still appear in overall search.






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