Nothing new for a bit

Unfortunately, I haven’t been doing much lately.  Having to switch laptops (from a very writing-conducive Mac) to a number of less-powerful PC laptops running Linux has left me searching for a workflow that works for me.

Which is not to say that I was using the Mac as a Mac.  No, I was using it as a remote terminal to the Linux machine where I actually do all my writing.  It’s just that the keyboard, display, and everything else about the mac had become an integral part of my writing workflow.

Bear with me as I get back into it.  So far, the front runner is a comfy old laptop from the mid-2000’s which actually has a nicer-feeling keyboard than the mac, but it’s taking some getting used to the downgrade in display (as well as the fact it’s 4:3 ratio).

Still, this is the laptop I wrote all of my early stuff on, and it’s likely the one I shall be writing my newer stuff on for a while.  If Ken the Author thinks he needs a Mac, he’s just going to have to sell enough books to earn one.

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