Smashwords and BN both work quickly!

It’s with some sadness that I saw last night that Barnes and Noble has honored my request (made via Smashwords) to pull my books, minus the free one (“She Only Wore a Shirt to the Funeral”).  While Nook Press won’t let you publish a free book, Smashwords can still push a free book through into Barnes & Noble.

I don’t begrudge Smashwords their share of the revenue – I just took over distribution on Barnes & Noble because I wanted to directly invest more effort in making my books successful there.

I have to say I love the degree of control you’ve got when publishing via Nook Press. You upload your cover, and then you upload a Word doc, RTF, or html file.  Then you edit your stories in an editor which resembles a blog editor.  The way it lets you split up chapters is simply wonderful, and it generates a pretty much flawless table of contents for you.  I have to say I really like it.

I did however learn with some surprise that there doesn’t seem to be much of an “author page” or anything like that.  But, oh well.  Once you hit publish, the stories go live very quickly.  I hit publish last night for most of my stories, and this morning they’re all live.  I’m not even sure that they subject books to a review process, which makes it closer to say All Romance Ebooks’ process rather than the “curated” experience of Amazon, or of Smashwords’ premium catalog.






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