In case you didn’t know, Erotica had its own Muse – Erato

Although I knew since I was a kid that the Greeks believed in nine Muses, I recently discovered that one of them in particular is responsible for erotica. Her name is Erato, and her specific responsibility is erotic poetry – which makes her the Muse which we erotica writers seek favor from. Yes, of course, I’d totally do the modern version of her below.

At any rate, by Erato’s grace I’ve finally published my latest free story (“They Needed A Jump“), which frees me up to work on the other stories which require my attention.

Here’s a run down the list of where I’m at. My usual novella length is 24,000 words, and I actually have a couple of stories which aren’t too far behind in word count. I just need to get the stories up to par and not get sidetracked along the way.

Title Word Count
Progenitor 3 16500
The Fallback Plan 4600
Winning the Genetic Lottery 2 16500
Merlin’s Safeguard 5600
Mordred Rising 1700
Morgan Goes to the Office 3600
Cum In Me If You Want To Live 2 600
She Wore a Sundress to Jury Duty 2000

I’d dearly love to finish some of these before I get drawn into completing something else.

More Amazon fun and games

Amazon declined my request to set “They Needed A Jump” to free, which was half-expected and not a big surprise. But what was annoying was that while they declined to make that one free, they apparently also decided to review my account and revoke free status from “She Only Wore a Shirt to the Funeral” while they were at it. Probably just trying to push my stuff farther to the bottom of peoples’ radar… big erotica is fine, but indie erotica wanting free titles out there for publicity? Heavens no, can’t have that.


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