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  • Vella experiment successful

    So, thanks everyone – I’ve learned some things about Kindle Vella, and I’m going to share them now. First off, Amazon talks about how their bonus algorithm rewards different things. This is said in order to be mysterious, but apparently it is not that mysterious. It’s pretty simple that if your story made no money, […]

  • New distributor: Ream Stories

    My new distributor might not have chosen the best name, but I promise it’s not actually a site focusing on butt stuff. Of the two platforms for my international fans, I am leaning a little bit more towards Ream being a better place than Gumroad for keeping on top of my works-in-progress, but your experience […]

  • Haramiru’s Breeding Erotica $2.99 for V-Day on Amazon

    My first volume of breeding erotica (contains 6 stories, each normally $2.99 on its own) is on sale on Amazon for V-Day. Right now it’s $2.99, and it will slowly move back up to its normal $8.99 price over the next few days. Act quickly for maximum savings! If you’re wondering what’s in it, here […]

  • Had to update the site’s theme for performance reasons

    So, I’ve been noticing performance issues with my website lately, and it turns out that my site’s running on an old version PHP, and my WordPress theme (kippis) wasn’t compatible with the newer ones. For those who don’t know, PHP tends to drastically improve its performance version-over-version, and my site was several versions behind. So, […]

  • …and now I have a daughter

    Not long ago, my daughter ‘E’ was born. Another C-section, this one necessary both due to the C-section for my son just 15 months before, and because E was a bit over 11 pounds when born. It seems that I am fated to be the father of ever-larger children, and the next one will likely […]

  • Progenitor 3 is released!

    So, Progenitor 3 is released and live on Amazon, Smashwords, Barnes + Noble, etc. The results are even better than I’d hoped! My favorite feedback is below: OMG the book is amazing!!! Worth the wait — A.L. Harling So now, with the release all finished, I get to get back to working on more stuff […]

  • Bypassing Amazon’s search filters via

    So, the clever folks over at have implemented a project I kept “thinking of” for years. In the IT world, people think of useful stuff all the time, and sooner or later it someone implements it. This was one of those ideas where the world needed it, and the lack of its existence was […]

  • Credit where credit’s due – Amazon’s Echo helps me write

    I’m not a tech blogger, but a couple pieces of tech did actually change my life I can and do reserve the right to say what I like about Amazon’s e-book related practices. I’m really not a fan of the way they treat erotica authors or their erotica customers. However, I must give credit where […]

  • Well, I’m a father to be

    Not a joke. My girlfriend K is about six weeks along, and we’re marrying when she hits 8 weeks when risk of miscarriage drops under 5%. NO, we aren’t going to post pics. Sorry, just not our thing. Never has been, never will be. And we’re both white collar professionals whose careers would be royally […]

  • Egg-laying dildos for your Ishtar holiday!

    So, this happened. Primal Hardwere just got their “ovipositor” covered in this article. As astute reader A.S. noticed, it looks like something straight out of Progenitor. Using this dildo, you can lay eggs made of gelatin inside an orifice of your choice. Well, that’s kinky, but not quite as kinky as my fans are […]


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