Had to update the site’s theme for performance reasons

So, I’ve been noticing performance issues with my website lately, and it turns out that my site’s running on an old version PHP, and my WordPress theme (kippis) wasn’t compatible with the newer ones. For those who don’t know, PHP tends to drastically improve its performance version-over-version, and my site was several versions behind.

So, since there isn’t a way to do a preview with my hosting provider, I just sighed and flipped the switch just now. I had to say goodbye to the Kippis theme that I really liked (even if it was outdated from a technical standpoint). Now I’m on a modern theme that’s compatible with modern PHP, and it supports the modular way WordPress really wants you to write blog posts these days.

Unfortunately, that means that any/all of the things I’d done to make my previous theme ‘cozy’ here, have to be re-implemented under the new theme.

But at least the performance has improved drastically. A number of the diagnostic warnings I was seeing are no longer showing up. Now it’s just a matter of adjusting the site so it looks more like I’m used to.

So, don’t worry, nothing horrible’s happening to the blog. But if you see anything broken, or if you miss the way something used to work and it doesn’t anymore, please do feel free to let me know in the comments. I’m going to be looking around and fixing everything I notice, but it’s a bit challenging to notice everything right away.






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