New distributor: Ream Stories

My new distributor might not have chosen the best name, but I promise it’s not actually a site focusing on butt stuff.

Of the two platforms for my international fans, I am leaning a little bit more towards Ream being a better place than Gumroad for keeping on top of my works-in-progress, but your experience as readers may vary. I will commit to supporting all three platforms (Ream, Gumroad, and Vella) through the end of these three stories I’ve already published. After these stories have wound down, should I have almost no readers on one of the three platforms, I will likely consolidate down to two platforms going forward.

Fans of Progenitor 4, Winning the Genetic Lottery 2, and The Fallback Plan are now able to subscribe on Ream for a monthly fee and read to their hearts’ content.

Unfortunately, I’m not able to offer subscriptions for JUST Progenitor 4 or Genetic Lottery at present. These stories are presently on a one-every-other-week publishing schedule, and the minimum membership tier is $3/mo due to processing fees. I intend to ask if perhaps a quarterly fee at $2/mo would be acceptable, as I feel this is a reasonable price for a story publishing large chapters around twice a month.

At any rate, hopefully this makes some folks happy, and I’ll continue looking for a solution which might make everyone happy.

The present tiers available are the same I described in my other post: Full WIP, WIP + Catchup, and Just “The Fallback Plan”.

The link is here:







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  1. Sean Avatar

    I’m glad you decided to become a Reamer.

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