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So, the clever folks over at have implemented a project I kept “thinking of” for years. In the IT world, people think of useful stuff all the time, and sooner or later it someone implements it. This was one of those ideas where the world needed it, and the lack of its existence was pissing me off, but I wasn’t quite pissed enough to try to undertake the project myself. Hence, I’m very pleased that someone with UI design skills (my UI’s are all basic 90s forms; they get results to you but it’s ugly) and produced a nicely laid out, pleasant to use site.
Click here for their new ‘breeding erotica’ tag! is an improved search engine for erotica / romance on Amazon. It extracts data from the stories on Amazon, and then lets customers search their database without Amazon’s blasted adult filter in the equation or their arbitrary, capricious “soft bans” which suppress results unless you happen to know the title of the story in question. Any author writing edgy content – such as breeding, ‘step-cest’, or other issues which Amazon arbitrarily adds to the suppression list ‘this week’. As I’ve said several times, the correct solution to this is NOT to just stealth-suppress stories as they’ve done; readers SHOULD be able to check “Yes, I want to see smut” on their account so that no subject is taboo anymore unless it’s flat-out breaking the terms of service agreement (i.e. pedos, etc).
If that weren’t enough, the even better feature is that it supports “tags” so that you can search for breeding erotica, then narrow it down further (add Robots? Billionaires? Whatever floats your boat!).
The best thing about them and tagging is that they’re responsive to authors who make a good case for a new tag. I proposed ‘breeding’, as it is a somewhat standardized tag for this genre and the “pregnancy” tag doesn’t really describe scenarios such as … well, Progenitor in particular, or most of the rest of my stuff in general.

Once you’ve chosen your tags, and it’ll filter the search results down to just those categories. Much like Newegg or Amazon, you can narrow down your criteria until you get exactly what you want.

I’ve gone through and tagged my books with ‘breeding’. Other authors – by all means, make sure your stuff is listed on the site, and ensure it’s tagged correctly, then advertise this site to your readers. I’m definitely making sure my readers know about it.
In other news, I’m still working over 60hrs/week at my day job, and doing my best to occasionally write something. And most of the time that something is Progenitor 3. Some forward motion has happened on Fallback too, but it’s mostly been concentrated on Progenitor 3.






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