New erotic ebook, “She Wore Shorts to the Gas Station”!


Brent Allen discovers that some girls like to play "baby roulette", in a new erotic story by Ken Haramiru
Brent Allen discovers that some girls like to play “baby roulette”, in a new erotic story by Ken Haramiru

This morning, I decided that “She Wore Shorts to the Gas Station” was pretty much ready for release.  Right now it’s available at:

Like the (free) preceding Brent Allen eBook She Only Wore a Shirt to the Funeral”, Brent finds that his good looks and easy-going personality have led him straight into the crosshairs of a woman who wants to mate.  This one just turned 18 though, and plays an unusual game of chance with her friends called “Baby Roulette”.

This story is particularly heavy on the sex scenes.  I think I managed three or four scenes over the space of 11k words on this one.  I’ll just leave a preview here…




Some time later, when I could see morning light flooding the bedroom through my eyelids, I heard Erica giggle. My cock was hard, and it was somewhere warm and wet. I opened my eyes, and Erica grinned down at me. “Having a good dream?” she inquired.

I thrust experimentally, and discovered that for once my morning erection was actually not going to waste. Erica had felt it poking her, and she’d shifted herself a little so that I wound up inside her again. For the past few minutes, she’d been watching my face as I fucked her in my sleep.

I smiled and kissed her and she responded by pressing back, our mouths opening and our tongues playing over each other. I was hard inside her, my shaft sliding in and out of her hot, ready pussy. A little voice in the back of my head reminded me what she’d said about baby roulette, and pointed out that fucking her again the next morning did actually increase the risk of getting her pregnant.

But then my cock, buried deep in an 18-year-old pussy, bitch-slapped that little voice right back out of my head. I wrapped my arms around Erica’s lower back and steered her body as I did her, my penis buried so far inside that I wondered why I couldn’t feel it pressing out against her lower back. But she simply spread herself wider and settled in, her body demanding my hardness and taking me farther inside of her. It was only moments before she was panting, her sensitive pussy tingling with the beginning of her next orgasm. Sweat beaded up on her forehead as she rode me, her breasts bouncing back and forth as it began.

I felt a familiar tightness building up around my cock, pressing in, coaxing me towards climax. A mewling sound came from the back of her throat, rising in urgency with every thrust as my cock began to twitch. Just as my name escaped her mouth, I exploded in her pussy, spewing my thick cum inside of her. I clutched her firmly as we slowed, the intimate connection comfortably persisting. There was no resistance either possible or offered. Erica flexed her legs comfortably, her pussy filled with our commingled fluids.

I looked over at the clock on my mantelpiece and saw that it was 6am. I wasn’t scheduled for work today, which was awesome. “What time is it?” Erica asked me.

“Six. You got anywhere to be?” I asked.

She nodded. “Gotta be home by 8am, which means I need out of here in an hour and a half. You think you can finish with me by then?”

“I think you ought to shower first,” I said. “If you’re worried about your parents smelling gunpowder on you, then you should be really worried about them smelling sex on you. At least, I’m worried about it.”

Erica smirked and said, “What, you think my father the gunless accountant will shoot you for defiling his daughter? I’m pretty sure you can take him, Brent.”

I nodded at a round scar on my right bicep, drawing her attention to it. “More worried about your mom, to tell the truth. Never been shot before by a man, but moms aren’t always so understanding.”

She brought up her hand and traced the scar with her finger. “Wow.”

I rolled my eyes. “She was trying to shoot over my head to scare me off, but she flinched when she pulled the trigger and ended up getting me in the arm. She felt really bad about it.”

She started to get up off of the bed, dribbling a little bit of my cum from her freshly-fucked pussy. “I should get going,” Erica said as she reached for her clothing.

I scooped her up in my arms and said, “Only once I’m done with you.” I carried her into the connecting bathroom, her arms wrapped around my neck and my other arm supporting the back of her knees. I looked down at her, enjoying the sight of her breasts bouncing with each step I took. Erica smiled back up at me as I set her down to turn on the water.

“You’ve got a Jacuzzi tub?” she asked.

I shrugged. “The ladies seem to like it,” I observed as the tub began to fill.
Erica lowered her head and peered at me, making me wonder if she wore glasses normally. “How many at a time? That thing looks big enough for three people.”

“…or two people comfortably,” I pointed out.

I sat down in the tub, now that the water was a few inches deep. Erica took her turn next, gingerly lifting her slender leg and revealing her pussy as she stepped over the edge and sat down in the water. I reached over and grabbed her as she sat down. She let out a yelp of surprise, and her legs went up in the air as she landed on top of me. I could see the smirk on her face in the mirror-like faucet as she realized where she was. Her taut, fertile pussy was resting right above my re-awakening cock.

“Someone doesn’t seem to be finished yet this morning,” Erica chided me as my cock pressed against the folds of her vulva.

She turned around in the water and knelt, spreading her legs on either side of me and leaning forward to kiss me. We kissed for a few seconds before I gripped her hips and scooted her towards me until I could feel her pubic hair brushing against my cock. Erica shifted a little, trying to fit me inside of her as I took her by the waist and scooted her through the water, with one of the Jacuzzi jets pointing at her pussy. She looked at me in surprise for a moment, until she felt the water strumming along her clit. Her breath caught and she leaned into it, her pussy demanding and then receiving even more stimulation. “Ooo,” she said, “I like that.”

I smiled and leaned back into the water, relaxing as she shifted herself and spread her legs, taking the jet on her pussy, her eyes closing in contentment as her mouth hung open. “This SO beats the shower nozzle,” she panted as the water jet took her, getting her wetter and more ready for me every moment.

She started breathing faster and harder, her arousal becoming tangible as she spread her legs and pushed back into it. The stream attended to her needs in one way, but built another fire which would not be denied. Erica’s face reddened and her teeth clenched as she began to climax, but then her eyes shot open. “Oh, hell no,” she proclaimed loudly to no one in particular.

I raised my eyebrow in surprise, but it didn’t last long. Water sloshed as she re-positioned herself, now straddling me in the Jacuzzi. “Like hell am I fucking a water jet when I’ve got a perfectly good dick right here,” she grumbled.



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