Winning the Genetic Lottery now on iTunes!

Winning the Genetic Lottery
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Probably the final version of the cover for my next story Probably the final version of the cover for my next story

Well, will wonders never cease?  Now I have a second story in the iTunes bookstore, “Winning the Genetic Lottery”As far as I know, I haven’t made any sales on Apple yet, but it’s refreshing to see things starting to trickle in there.

For those who aren’t familiar, “Winning the Genetic Lottery” is the story of a man whose snarky Internet comment landed him in a position where he’s given a billion dollars, but only if he uses it for what he said he’d do: getting more women pregnant than any man in history.  There’s no sci-fi or fantasy to this one, but there is a very high impregnation count.  He may not be the Progenitor, but he’s doing pretty damn well for a human.

In other news, I’ve gotten some feedback on “Cum in Me If You Want To Live”, and there are some minor tweaks to make to the storyline before I publish it.  I expect to release it this weekend.  As always, Smashwords will be the first place it’s available (because it’s available as soon as you upload, for direct links), then it’ll appear at Amazon, and lastly it’ll trickle into the other retailers.


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