Initial Authorstats Release – author statistics for all!

First release of Authorstats today

For those who have missed my postings about statistics and tracking sales, fear not – I haven’t retired from being OCD about it to roll around on top of my vast stacks of money, or anything like it.  I have finally released authorstats on!  Authorstats is the set of scripts which I’ve written to track the status of all my stories on all of the sites I use.  It has saved me untold hours of checking, to see if I’ve got more comments, or more views, or if I’m finally approved on Smashwords, etc.

Bear in mind that this is a very “hands-on” process, and the sites frequently change their layout and require that you update the stats-pulling code.  That having been said, it does a wonderful job once it’s configured.

There’s site-scraping tools (“hey, check amazon every hour and see your sales rank”, or “hey, how many comments do you have on”), revenue-forecasting tools (“based upon the sales I’ve entered here, I project $2000 in sales revenue over the next year”), and display tools.

In other erotica-releasing news…

Ken Haramiru's "Merlin's Magic Wang" series
Ken Haramiru’s “Merlin’s Magic Wang” series

I’ve decided to try out a maneuver which sci-fi authors have tried in the past, to moderate success.  Namely, my entire next story is going to be available for free.  But in order to read it for free, you’ll have to visit my site every week for a while.  Whenever I post a chapter, the chapter before will be taken down.  If you follow the blog and come back once a week, you’ll manage to read the entire book for free.

Chapters will start being posted once I have a final cover design for my new piece.  This is a prequel to Merlin’s Magic Wang, tenatively titled “The Wang Before” – but I don’t really care for that title.  I really suggest that you follow this blog before it starts, so that you’ll find out and can start following the story with chapter 1, not chapter 3 or 4.



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