Guns, Girls, and Download Spikes

It’s not a secret that I’m involved in the US firearms community. For that matter, it’d be possible to deduce that from the fact that a lot of my stories involve firearms.  Cupid’s Armorer, for instance, is about rearming the Cupids with guns, and the entire “She Wore…” series is … Continue reading

Stats from Ken Haramiru ‘s first year of writing…

First, a review… First off, I wanted to share a nifty tweet from an author I know, Sidda Lee Rain.  (If you like pictures of barely-clothed cowboys and a variety of erotica, she’s good at that too). She liked my free title “She Only Wore a Shirt to the Funeral”, … Continue reading

Initial Authorstats Release – author statistics for all!

First release of Authorstats today For those who have missed my postings about statistics and tracking sales, fear not – I haven’t retired from being OCD about it to roll around on top of my vast stacks of money, or anything like it.  I have finally released authorstats on!  … Continue reading

What to do and what not to do as an erotica writer

In one bit of news, my eBooks have started selling again today.  I’m starting to really think that “how bored do I expect to be tomorrow?” is the big seller for erotica. I should preface the next bit with an explanation of how I see “competition” amongst my fellow authors, one which … Continue reading

Statistical experiment underway

So, other authors will find it interesting that my two-day experiment with making Cupid’s Armorer free, resulted in 132 downloads from the US and a handful of downloads from other countries.  Most interesting is that I had around 98 downloads the first day. then 34 downloads the second. Sales of … Continue reading

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