Guns, Girls, and Download Spikes

She Only Wore a Shirt to the FuneralIt’s not a secret that I’m involved in the US firearms community. For that matter, it’d be possible to deduce that from the fact that a lot of my stories involve firearms.  Cupid’s Armorer, for instance, is about rearming the Cupids with guns, and the entire “She Wore…” series is the story of a gun shop owner who gets lucky on a regular basis with women who want to get pregnant.

Anyway, the thing which amused me was looking at my download statistics during the 2015 SHOT show in January.  For those who don’t know, the SHOT show is the single largest gun industry trade show in the US, and it was held in Las Vegas this year.

Anyway, the downloads on “She Only Wore a Shirt to the Funeral” – my only gun-related free story – have been pretty steady and around the same level for months, with spikes for Christmas and such.  The funny thing is that during the SHOT show, this story and my other gun-related erotica took a huge jump starting on Jan 19th (the start of the show) and continuing until the show ended on Jan 23rd.  Right after that, downloads returned immediately to baseline.

I noticed this while I was there, and found myself paying close attention to what people were doing.  I found it hard to suppress a smirk whenever I noticed a booth babe reading an eBook – and there were a lot of them doing so whenever they weren’t talking to people. I’m not sure that they were reading my stuff, as it’s entirely possible that the spike in downloads may have come from attendees or just people getting excited about the media coverage around there.But dammit, an author can dream can’t he?


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  1. Karmel Avatar

    I’m also part of the U.S. firearms community and I hope you keep the up the sexy stories involving firearms!

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