Statistical experiment underway

So, other authors will find it interesting that my two-day experiment with making Cupid’s Armorer free, resulted in 132 downloads from the US and a handful of downloads from other countries.  Most interesting is that I had around 98 downloads the first day. then 34 downloads the second.

Sales of my other titles didn’t really change any, although this would probably be different if I had another “Cupid” title or two available for readers to ‘convert’ to.  I did sell a copy of Progenitor in Germany, which is a first.

My theory is that if there is going to be much of an uptick in sales, it will happen over the next couple of weeks, as readers decide they want their next dose of Haramiru and buy either Merlin’s Magic Wang or Progenitor.

However, it’s also possible that the benefits authors cite from making a work free, is that Amazon’s heuristic system will give Cupid’s Armorer more exposure now that it’s seen how popular it is as a free book.  We’ll see if that happens.

For those who love statistics, I’ll say that Cupid’s Armorer spent most of its time in the US charts hovering around #2,250, +-250, with a brief spike to #1,813 on the free charts.

It was more popular in the UK rank-wise, despite only getting 29 downloads over the two-day period vs the US 132, mostly hanging out at #1500 +-150.  It did also enjoy a brief spike up to #1,201 on the free charts.

I encourage anyone who’d like to delve into the stats to use as a jumping point for their research.  They do a nice job of tracking things, although they don’t run their scans as often as one might like.  My own personal Perl scripts scan my rank every hour, but that’s just because I can’t stop writing stuff like that. 🙂





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