Ken Haramiru’s stories finally available in the Apple store!

iTunes now has eBooks by Ken Haramiru

The difficulty of getting Apple to accept your Smashwords titles into the iTunes bookstore is a pretty commonly lamented thing among erotica authors.  The central issue is that if they reject it, you never actually know until you ask Smashwords about it a month or two later.  Even then, whatever answer you get back is usually kind of vague.

Imagine my surprise when I dropped Smashwords tech support an email (I do this about once a quarter) asking if Apple happened to have any latest reason du jour why none of my titles were there.  This time was different: not only did it turn out one of them had magically appeared for once, but there were stated reasons why the others weren’t there!

So, it turns out that Merlin’s Magic Wang is the very first Ken Haramiru story to be available in the iTunes bookstore.  My others either had too explicit of a description (Apple apparently cares about that much more than Barnes + Noble, Kobo, etc) or they had “purchase links” in them.  Now, Apple’s version of a purchase link is a bit annoying because if you’ve followed the Smashwords style guide to the letter, you have a link to your Smashwords author page in there.  Nope, that’s a “purchase link” to Apple, so you should link to your blog.

I’m not sure, but I think that the boilerplate for licensing (which says, in part, “If you didn’t pay for this, please return to and buy a copy”) might also be naughty in the eyes of Apple.

Oh well, at least now I’ve got something in the iTunes bookstore anyway!

In other news, I’m presently editing “Cum in me if you want to live”, and it keeps creeping up in word count.  It broke 11k words last night, and I’m wondering if it’ll actually be 13k words before I publish it.  Of course, I do have a beta reader or two to send it to before it hits publication, so it may get longer in some places or shorter in others.  I’m trying to develop a beta reader network at present, so if you happen to be interested in reading my latest stuff pre-release and giving me some actual, honest feedback, then I’m interested in hearing from you.

However, the rule is as follows: If you ask to be a beta reader, and I send you something, I expect to receive input on it.  As long as the input is honest, I don’t care if it’s positive or negative; just do bear in mind that my goal is to improve my writing, so be honest above all.  However, what I’m not interested in are “Cool, thanks for the book” and that’s it.  That’ll get removed from my beta list on the first offense.

As long as I hear some honest input back in a reasonable amount of time (no reason that someone can’t read 13k words in a week, for instance) I’m happy.


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