New cover art for “Winning the Genetic Lottery”

New cover art for “Winning the Genetic Lottery” I’ve done my own cover art for a while, and honestly my self-made covers haven’t really hurt sales on my newer titles, but it also hasn’t set the world on fire either.  The main difference I’ve noticed between doing my own with … Continue reading

2012 Anthology in print and eBook format!

Good news: For those who want paper versions of my stories, there’s now an anthology of all my stories over the year of 2012.  The paperback edition is now on CreateSpace for $15.99, and the eBook is on Smashwords for $8.99.  For the cost conscious, the eBook gives you $14.95 … Continue reading

Title chosen: “Winning the Genetic Lottery”, and an excerpt

Sadly, I haven’t gotten anything noteworthy accomplished the last few days.  While I did really want to get my first story-focused erotica novel out the door sooner than this, I have to confess that my non-writing life has demanded my attention of late.  But I’ve gotten a bit more done … Continue reading

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