New cover art for “Winning the Genetic Lottery”

New cover art for “Winning the Genetic Lottery”

Winning the Genetic Lottery
“Winning the Genetic Lottery” by Ken Haramiru

I’ve done my own cover art for a while, and honestly my self-made covers haven’t really hurt sales on my newer titles, but it also hasn’t set the world on fire either.  The main difference I’ve noticed between doing my own with free stock images and using paid services, was that I don’t have to wait a month or two before I earn enough royalties to pay for the cover.  If it weren’t for blundering into Dhalia Rheine, the artist behind Honeyshadow, I’d still be doing my own covers.  But she’s got access to better stock images than i could find free, and her prices are so low that I couldn’t say no.

This is the new cover art for “Winning the Genetic Lottery”and it’s now been uploaded over on Amazon and Smashwords.  Should be live tomorrow.

I’ll soon unveil the new cover for “She Only Wore a Shirt to the Funeral”, as well as the one for “She Wore a Sundress to Jury Duty”, which is my next upcoming Brent Allen story.

Just because some of you may not have read about “Winning the Genetic Lottery” before, I’ll toss everyone an excerpt here.

Excerpt from “Winning the Genetic Lottery”

The Scene: A few hours ago, Jim was informed in front of his co-workers and the world (via live TV) that he was the latest person chosen by trillionaire Linus Ritchie to receive a billion dollars.  He was forced to announce his plan in front of the world, to breed more children than any man before him in history.  He’s more or less hiding in an office at his previous job, getting the final details of his day job and the initial details of his new job sorted out.  In the meantime, he’s had a crush on Julie for years.  And Julie happens to have a very specific kink which he’ll discover later on: breeding.

I loaded up the contract, then hit the print button on my laptop and set it for a few copies. Then I got up, squared my shoulders, took a deep breath, and opened the office door. By the time I made it to the printer, Julie was waiting next to it and holding a copy of the contract in her hand. I’d forgotten that her desk was right next to the printer.

Julie’s reddish-brown hair went down her back, framing her oval-shaped Caucasian face and brown eyes. I loved her eyes; they always seemed to sparkle with mirth. She wore a mid-length black skirt and a simple, professional white button-up shirt. Normally she wore it buttoned up all the way, but somehow the top three or four had come unbuttoned, revealing a substantial amount of cleavage. “Oh hi, Jim”, she said. “I saw you printed these out, and I was going to bring them to you.”

I blushed a little, holding my hand out for the contracts. “Thanks, Julie”, I sort of mumbled as she handed them to me.

“Oops”, she said. “I think I might have gotten some ink on that one on the bottom.” She grinned as I lifted up the form and looked at it. She’d gotten halfway through signing it before I showed up, so only her first name was on it at present.

I looked up at her, smiling as I did so. “You don’t waste time on ‘subtle’, do you?”, I asked.

It was now Julie’s turn to blush. “Sorry, it’s just that you’re right here in front of me now, and I don’t want to pass up this chance. I hope I haven’t offended you, though”, she said.

I paused for a second and thought things over, then nodded in the direction of Frank’s office. “Follow me, and we’ll discuss whether I’m offended or not.”

Julie followed me over to the office, her body language tense with a combination of nervousness and enthusiasm. I closed and locked the door behind us, then I walked over to my chair and sat down. Julie was clearly nervous, unconsciously wringing her hands as she stood in front of my desk.

“Julie, there are two kinds of opportunities in my organization. One kind is for, well, mothers.”

Julie nodded quickly, smiling. It was uncanny how excited she seemed to be about this.

“The other kind of opportunity I have, is for office workers. I’m going to need someone to handle my affairs, scheduling, etc. And from what I’ve seen over the last couple of years, you’re one of the best administrative assistants here. Would you be interested? I’ll pay you double whatever it is that you make here.”

Julie’s eyes widened. “Work for you?”, she squeaked.

I rolled my eyes. “C’mon Julie, quit acting like I’m suddenly some rock star, I’m the same guy you’ve known for two years now. If I wasn’t interesting for the last two years, I shouldn’t leave you speechless now.”

Julie held up her hands. “I’m sorry, Jim. It’s just that I’ve watched the Ritchie reality shows for years now, and I fantasized about something like this happening for me. I’ll try to stop acting like you’re suddenly a billionaire or something.” She smiled at the end.

I shrugged. “Well, as it so happens, I guess I am. So, are you interested in the job? Mr. Ritchie insists that I need to get started as soon as possible.”

Julie’s face turned a bright beet-red before she asked, “Can I have both jobs?”

“Both?”, I asked.

She held up her signed contract. “Can I have your baby and work for you?”, she asked.

I shrugged. “Not at any ordinary company, you couldn’t. But hell, we’ll have a low enough head count that a lot of HR guidelines won’t apply. Sure, you can do both as far as I’m concerned.”

This was going to take some getting used to. Julie smiled broadly asked, “I presume there will be maternity coverage?”

I smirked. “I think it’ll be necessary, yes. When do you want to start work?”, I asked.

She looked around, and noticed that the window was frosted. The camera in the corner was relatively discrete. Her top was already unbuttoned for the most part, but she reached up and undid another button. “Any problem with starting tonight?”, she asked. “I’m actually ovulating today.”

I made a mental note that I’d have to hire a medical consultant to ensure that I was having sex during ovulation wherever possible, but today was a freebie with a woman that I’d wanted to bang ever since my very first day on the job.

“If you’re down to try, I don’t care if you’re fertile or not”, I informed her as I stood up and walked over to my boss’s futon. He’d always been a hard-charger at work, and kept a folding futon for sleeping overnight. “If you don’t mind having some fun in the office, I sure don’t. And I’ve always wanted to get laid at work.”

“For the short time this building is still work”, she said with a laugh.

Julie shrugged her way out of the silky, bright white button-up top she was wearing. I whistled in admiration as she revealed herself to me, her torso now covered only by a bright white brassiere. Her cleavage jiggled gently as she tossed her shirt onto my boss’s desk, then reached down for her belt. I looked over at the camera in the corner of the room with one last-minute thought of privacy, but then threw the thought away. I couldn’t not do this. I was a Ritchie man now; the only sin I could commit now was not to try. I unbuttoned my own shirt, then pulled it off and reached down to pull up my undershirt.

Julie was now down to her bra and a matching white set of silk panties, and she stepped towards me. “Let me get that for you, boss”, she said huskily.

I raised my arms obligingly as she lifted the shirt up over my head. She pulled it up partway, then left the shirt hung on my nose. I felt warm lips tenatively touch my own and I leaned into her, returning the kiss with more energy. She held my arms pinned with the shirt, not letting me take it off any farther. The kiss lasted for a few seconds, then she tugged the shirt off the top of my head, suddenly letting me see again. She gave me a playful grin as she twirled my shirt around in her hand, then tossed it at my face. The shirt struck my nose dead center and then fell down, forming a pool of cloth at my feet. I looked down for a split second to admire it, but then something lighter bounced off of my chest. I looked up just in time to see a now-topless Julie climb onto the futon and settle down, her two small reddish nipples lined up like a landing strip, guiding me in for a landing.

“Well, boss”, she said, “what are you waiting for?”

I practically teleported out of my pants, then took a position on all fours above her. She squirmed beneath me, working her panties down off of her hips and then kicking them away.

She smirked as she looked up at me and said, “You realize, I could take you to HR over this.”

I lowered myself, dropping my penis between her legs. It wasn’t particularly aimed, just brushing on her vulva somewhere. “I seem to recall you’ve taken employment with another company”, I murmured.

Julie pecked me on the lips. “I don’t actually recall accepting your offer of employment yet, Jim”, she said.

I kissed her back, running my hands up and down her sides. “Hmm. What will I have to add to make it irresistible?”, I asked.

She ground her groin against my cock, and I could feel her labia part around my shaft. Her pussy was warm and wet, and she was lubricating my cock just by grinding her pussy lips against it. I could feel her vagina, ready and waiting for me to enter her. I ground my dick against her, stiff and ready.

Julie pursed her lips and looked up, as if deep in thought. “Well, I suppose you could offer me a generous compensation package”, she suggested.

I shifted my hips and let the head of my penis pull loose from the slit of her vulva, angled towards her and ready for entry. “I think I can offer you a little bit above the industry standard in that department”, I said as I managed to just barely brush the tip into her. Julie grinned widely, enjoying the sensation of having me just barely inside her.

“I think I need to test-drive this package we’re talking about”, she said as she thrust her hips at me. I felt my first inch or two sink inside her, warm and velvety. I took that as my sign and let go, sliding into her slowly and filling her with my full depth. Julie inhaled sharply, letting out an intoxicating sound as the air whistled around her teeth.

I thrust inside of her, getting as deep as I could and then stopping. “How do you feel about the package now?”, I asked. I ground my hips against her, feeling her wetness seeping out around my cock as I pressed insistently within her. Julie was probably more excited about this than any girl I’d ever slept with.

She brought her hands up and grabbed my ass, trying to steer me as I slid in and out of her hot pussy. I broke into a crazy grin as I did so, realizing that less than 12 hours after posting that fateful message to Mr. Ritchie, I was in my boss’s office and fucking the girl I’ve fantasized about for years. I’d whacked off to her on and off over the years, but never once did I imagine that she’d not only sleep with me, but try to concieve my baby.

That last thought actually spurred me on, my cock swelling even more than it already was. Julie gritted her teeth and ground her pussy against my cock, her sensitive clitoris touching against my pubic region. “You’re certainly making a strong case for your offer”, Julie admitted. “But I think you need to give me a signing bonus.”

I kept thrusting within her as I felt her pussy begin to tighten and a familiar fire began to build up in my groin. She closed her eyes for a moment, savoring the sensation as she began to breathe just a little bit faster. “Oh, I’ll give you your bonus all right”, I gasped.

Julie’s climax was just starting. The part of my brain that still couldn’t believe what was happening, just got that much more excited as my dream girl squirmed beneath me. Her breath was beginning to come in ragged gasps as I drove harder, plowing all the way into her pussy as she took me inside her. Her gasps were like an audible aphrodisiac; they stoked the fire of my own orgasm higher and higher until I felt myself losing the battle to keep my sperm contained. Julie ground her pussy against me and let out a strangled whimper as she reached her climax. Her pussy’s contractions clenched my cock, coaxing it into release as I buried myself in her. I let out an almost startled grunt as I came, my sperm shooting into her fertile pussy with strand after strand of thick, potent cum. Julie pressed her pussy against me firmly as I came and let out a cry of pleasure, trying desperately not to let any of it escape as my cock began to shrink, still pulsating with the pleasure of ejaculation.

“There’s your signing bonus”, I gasped as my breathing began slowing back down. As soon as I was done ejaculating, I picked myself up off of her and scooted off, taking my body’s weight off of her.

Julie’s chest was heaving up and down, her breasts shaking as she breathed out her exhaustion, the sweat creating an amazing sheen in the light in the office. Her nipples were pointed straight up at the ceiling, distracting me and making it nearly impossible to focus on anything else. Julie grabbed the pillow under her head and stuffed it under her butt, elevating it slightly to keep as much of my sperm inside of her as possible.

“You’re really serious about this, aren’t you?”, I observed.

Julie looked over at me and smiled. “About being the first one you get pregnant? Oh, hell yes.”

I smiled, then glanced out the window and realized from the darkness outside that it was already evening. I tossed on my clothes and said, “I presume you’ve decided that my compensation package is adequate.”



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