GL2 Ep1 is now live!

Although less popular than my science fiction and fantasy, I get a ton of requests for a new installment of “Winning the Genetic Lottery”.

Much like The Fallback Plan, I’ve decided to publish what I have so far as episodes on Kindle Vella. My every-other-week release schedule for this title is much slower than The Fallback Plan, but it’s harder to get this one right. I would rather set a sustainable pace up front, than blow through my content in a month or two and then have everyone wonder if I’ve actually abandoned the project. Nothing could be farther from the truth.

This episode’s title is “Blackmailed Into Politics”.

Five years ago, Jim moved into a sleepy small town to quietly father hundreds of children in his mega-mansion with women from all over the world. Unfortunately, the small-town politicians are convinced he’s trying for political power, and threaten his family and children. Jim realizes that the only way to make them safe is if he makes their nightmares come true – he’s going to run for politics.







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