Excerpt from “Winning the Genetic Lottery 2”

I realize that I haven’t posted much about my upcoming sequel to “Winning the Genetic Lottery” lately, so this is my apology to those particular fans.  It’s a draft of course, and subject to editing before it goes final.  But, you folks will probably enjoy it just the same.

For those who aren’t aware, “Winning the Genetic Lottery’ is one of my non-magical, non-sci-fi stories.  In this series, a man has been made unspeakably rich for the sole purpose of producing more children than any other man in the history of the world.

In the first story, he works out his plan.  In the second story, the local government starts seeing him and the community which has sprung up around his mansion as a demographic threat.  Jim is faced with either uprooting his community, or running for political office to take over the county and make the corrupt politicians’ nightmares come true.

And let’s face it, this is a Ken Haramiru story.  Do you think Jim’s going to roll over for it when a corrupt politician endangers his women and his children?


An Excerpt from “Winning the Genetic Lottery 2”

Winning the Genetic Lottery
“Winning the Genetic Lottery” by Ken Haramiru


I made my way back up the staircase to my suite, set the book back on the shelf, and stripped down for bed. For once, no one else was in it and I was able to read a book for a while, then drift off to sleep in peace.

That changed at some point in the morning. Her name was Krystal, she was scheduled for today, and she’d asked if she could provide my wakeup call this morning. It was 5am, and I awakened as my mattress sagged with her weight as she slipped her way onto it. I rolled over in bed and saw her lifting the covers, wearing only a translucent blue camisole and a pair of matching panties.

“Sorry”, the raven-haired beauty said as she noticed my eyes opening. She slipped into the bed, pulling the covers up over herself and scooting over towards me. “Didn’t mean to wake you”, she said.

I mumbled something noncommittal and reached out, slipping my arms around her and pulling her towards me. Her legs were warm and long, slender but not particularly well muscled. Some dim part of my memory told me that Krystal was a secretary.

I ran my arm down her body and found her thighs, pulling her into contact with me. In what must have been an immensely romantic gesture, I gave her a kiss, then fell back asleep curled around her like a dragon with its hoard.

I woke up again around 7am, to find that Krystal had turned around and was facing away from me, and I’d managed to slip my hand inside of her camisole to caress her soft, warm skin. Her breathing pattern told me that she was sleeping, but I was pretty sure she’d rather have been doing something else. I moved my hand slightly, scooting it up her chest to caress her right breast. Her nipple responded immediately, hardening and standing up straight. I handled first it and then the other, and I felt Krystal take a breath as she started to wake up. I slipped my hand away from her breasts and worked it lower and lower, passing her navel and making its way eventually to her bikini line and below. She’d trimmed her pubic hair short, and my fingers quickly found the cleft between her legs. A little bit of attention had her clitoris inflamed , and a little groan escaped Krystal’s throat. She stretched her legs out, lifting the top one just slightly to grant me better access. Her leg lowered back down, and then Krystall sleepily said, “Wanna wake me up like that every morning?”

I kissed her neck and said, “Every morning we’re trying, sure.”

She lay there for a few moments, then stretched and turned around to face me. She looked into my eyes and then asked, “Wanna make a baby now?”

I smiled and kissed her, then rolled over so that she was on top. Her legs were spread wide, straddling me. I could feel the heat of her mound pressing against my crotch, and my cock hardened almost instantly in reply.

“Don’t you ever get tired of this?”, Krystal wondered aloud.

I snorted and said, “You’d think so, but no. Probably that whole instinct thing.”

She closed her eyes and slid herself forward, savoring the sensation as her pussy slid along my cock, leaking a little bit of her excitement over it. I took a deep breath as my heart began to race, pumping hardness into my cock with renewed energy.

“Someone seems to be looking forward to this”, she teased as she scooted her pussy along my cock. Her pussy lips flared open in anticipation, widening so that now my cock was sliding along a very well defined, lubricated groove. She reached down and pulled off her top, letting her breasts drop free as she straddled me. I admired her torso, from the not-quite-hourglass shape to the swells of her breasts as they slopwled down from her shoulders. Krystal waa Caucasian, with dyed blond hair and a few tiny black moles on her skin.K. Those moles danced as her chest heaved, her body greedily sucking in oxygen as she prepared to give herself to me.

A moment later, she scooted back a little, and the transparent panties she wore were thoroughly soaked. Without her pussy to hold it down, my cock bounced up, its erection urgent and needful. Krystal hurriedly pulled down her panties, shedding the last barrier between her pussy and my cock with vigor. She straddled me again and knelt, her pussy out of my cock’s reach, and I stroked her thighs with my palms, gently pressing downward and encouraging her to lower her pussy so that we could do what came naturally.

Krystal took the hint, and leaned forward with her torso, dragging her breasts over my chest as she brought her face towards mine. I leaned forward and kissed her, surprising her by moving before she expected. She went with it, smiling and lowering herself onto me, pressing her body against my own. Her skin was warm against my own, and I grasped her hips with both hands and steered, moving her hips until I could feel the tip of my cock pressing against her hot, wet hole.

Krystal arched her back, pulling her face back from mine as she closed her eyes and opened her mouth in a silent exhalation. She backed her pussy up, taking me inside of her an inch at a time. I watched her face as she she squatted on me, burying my cock deep inside of her and savoring the sensation. She kept going until I was fully inside of her, her pussy lips rubbing gently against the sides of my cock as she rode me slowly. I hardened just a little more, the final bit of energy being summoned as my cock made itself at home, dancing in the ancient life-giving instinctive ritual common to all humanity.

Krystal wrapped her arms around my torso and squeezed, relishing the sensation as I caressed her hips, running my fingers down to her thighs as I did so. I may have done this thousands of times over the last few years, but it never did get old. We kissed for a while, her body responding rapidly as I stayed within her, her pussy leaking juices out around my shaft. I was exploring her mouth with my tongue when she pulled her mouth away and took in a breath of air, sucking it in and then breathing rapidly as I continued to plow away at her. She started to make noises, a little contented purr building up in the back of her throat and squeezing out with each thrust. I felt her body heat rising as in unison with my own, and I folded her body down against me. Once she had flattened herself against my body, I rolled over in the bed, taking a position on top of her as my orgasm approached. Krystal let out a gasp as I buried myself inside her as far as I could, no longer stroking in and out but just moving slightly, her pussy lips engulfing the base of my cock as I strove to penetrate her completely. I could feel the tip of my clock just barely kissing her cervix, even as the so-familiar wave of pressure built up within my balls. She wrapped her legs around me, trying to pull me just a fraction of an inch deeper inside her as my cock shuddered and then pulsed, spraying my potent seed right up against her cervix. Krystal let out a strangled yelp at the warm sensation as my hot sperm sprayed her pussy, each shot a geyser of my sperm cells. I groaned in pleasure as I finished inside her, my cock beginning to shrink away and still ooIng my potent seed into her willing sex as it retreated.

I moved my arms to support my weight a little better, distributing it so that I didn’t leave my weight all on top of her. Birgit, my personal trainer, always made me watch my weight as a courtesy to the women I mount. I was presently 190 pounds, a bit heavy for my frame if it weren’t for all the muscle which adorned it.

Krystal let out a breath in pleasure, then said, “I kind of expected it to be different, you know?”

I raised an eyebrow. “What, do I have a reputation that I’m not living up to?”, I inquired.

Krystal sighed and let out her breath, then kissed me. “Not you, just baby-making sex in general. I always thought it would be a lot hotter when I’m trying to get pregnant.”

I rolled off of her, my moist penis sliding out of her with a little noise. “Well, it depends on the woman I’ve noticed”, I said. “Breeding sex is always hot if you’ve got a kink for it, and most women do have one whether they’ll admit it or not. But some women only really get off on it if they’re with the man they want to be with. But either way, the baby doesn’t care how good a time we had. I’m sorry it didn’t live up to your expectations, though.”

Krystal smiled. “I didn’t say it wasn’t good, just that I expected more. I still expect round two in a few minutes.”

I leaned over and kissed her on the lips. “Well, milady, that’s one thing which I’m sure I can provide. But stay on your back, though. I want to ram the cum from this time all the way up to your ovaries.”

Krystal got a little smirk. “You don’t think you got me pregnant yet?”, she inquired.

I reached over and began to rub her nipples absent mindedly. “I’m shooting for twins”, I said.

Krystal raised one leg a little, and I watched the delicate curve of her ass lift up from the sheets. She kept it pressed against the opposite side, keeping her pussy mostly closed. “What if I told you that’s starting to turn me on a little?”, she asked.

I brought my hand down, resting it on her belly, and said “I’d say you just raised the chances that this is going to be full of my baby in a couple months”, I replied, before sliding my hand further down to her pussy. She arched her back a little, grinding her soaking wet pussy against my fingers as I moved them down and slipped them deftly inside of her pussy.

“Careful”, Krystal said, “you’re going to wake it up.”

I flicked her clitoris with my thumb, and felt it rise to life, eager and ready. “Ok, you woke it up”, she gasped. My index finger was inside of her at this point, delicately playing with her vagina as I slowly rubbed my thumb over her clot. She squeezed her thighs shut, pressing my hand harder into her as she bucked her hips. “That’s not what’ll get you pregnant, Krystal”, I said.

I could feel her warmth all around my finger, pressing from all sides as I slid in and out of her. I played inside ofI her for a few minutes until she whined out, “Isn’t that babymaker of yours ready yet?”, she pleaded as I strummed her, my fingers bringing her to the brink.

She reached over with her hand and started to stroke my cock, wet and sticky with her juices. I shifted a little to give her better access to my cock, then fit two fingers into her and slowly worked them inside her, her pussy leaking her cum and mine now.

“Please just put it in”, Krystal begged, her fingers squeezing at my cock as it started to swell again.

I shifted my groin, letting her stroke my shaft as it hardened again, the readiness almost overwhelming. Krystal tugged at my elbow insistently, and I rolled over on top of her and let my cock dangle freely for a moment over her pussy. Krystal thrust at me, her trimmed pubic hair brushing against me and coaxing my hard-on into full, unrepentant life. I responded by lowering it, quickly finding her swollen, ready pussy and burying my cock in her ready wetness.

Krystal let out a breath, exhaling sharply as I penetrated her. My cock was about as hard as the first time, but I knew from experience that this time it would take a lot longer. I arched my back to take weight off of her chest and pistoned my cock in and out of her, the entire length sliding in and out as we strove together. Krystal clutched the sheets with her hand, squeezing them until her knuckles turned white as she came, already brought to the brink by my fingers. I drove myself deep and stayed there as her fingers raked down my back and her pussy clenched around my cock as she climaxed. I let her subside for a few moments before starting again, my cock positioning in and out of her slowly, even as she painted.

“Oh, you just have no mercy, do you?”, she said as I kept going, my shaft plumbing her inner depths.

I shook my head. “Mercy doesn’t make babies”, I replied curtly as I took her, the base of my shaft nestled insistently against her vulva. Krystal was still breathing hard from her last orgasm, and I kept plowing away at her pussy for a good 10 or so minutes before I felt myself getting close.

“Damn I’m gonna be sore tomorrow”, she muttered as things got serious, my dick swelling wide once more and fully occupying her birth canal. I began thrusting deep and only backing off a little as her body eagerly opened itself to me, her pussy tensing in the ages-old way of our species as Krystal prepared to receive my seed again. Beads of sweat broke out on my forehead as I began panting, my trainer-honed body near its peak.

Krystal squeezed my waist and said, “This is it. You’re getting me pregnant.”

I raised my eyebrow but said nothing, not caring if she didn’t grasp biology.

I pressed myself as deep as I could go, my shaft dribbling pre-cum deep within her. Krystal closed her eyes and murmured, “Oh fuck, this is why it’s hot” as I clutched her ass, pulling myself just that last quarter inch into her as my cock pulsed, delivering my next load of sperm right to her cervix.

“GOD!”, she shrieked as she felt the first of my cum spray inside of her. I gritted my teeth and let out a grunting noise as I held her close, my penis spraying pulse after pulse of my semen into her willing body.

“Oh God”, she said as I released my death grip on her body, “that’s what it feels like to be into it!”

I stayed inside of her as my penis retracted, still leaking sperm as it went, then shifted off to her left and laid down on my side. I grabbed a small pillow from the headboard and stuck it underneath her ass, forcing her hips back and letting gravity help out.

“Now you get to think about all that sperm inside you”, I pointed out as I put my hand on her firm, flat belly. “And about what’s going to happen in here over the next few months.”

Krystal turned her head towards me and gave a little grin as she opened and shut her legs a few times, her knees in the air. “It’s so weird thinking about this”, she said, “but the what we did is really the whole reason we’re here, and it’s something we only ever do a few times in our lives.”

I graceiously avoided mentioning that I’ve been through this a few hundred times now, and instead observed, “Well, it’s not the only reason. We’re also here to take care of the children we have, and try to make this a better world for their entire generation.”

Krystal idly toyed with her nipple with one hand as she reached down to stroke her clit. “And that’s why you’re running for office?”, she asked.

I nodded. “Most men can actually have all their kids under their roof for their whole childhood. I literally can’t, so I actually have to think a lot about the outside world. I’m doing everything I can for this little community, but it’s at the point now where I have to enter the political stage.”

Krystal took her hand off of her nipple and clutched my hand, intertwining her fingers with my own. “What if getting appointed to the county seat isn’t enough? What if you have to go higher?”

I grimaced a little and squeezed her hand. “Then I’ll just have to go higher, assuming that I’m electable.”

Krystal cranes her neck over to give me a peck on the lips, trying not to move her lower body and spill any more of my semen from her fertile pussy. “Well, I hope I’m pregnant, then, because you’ve got my vote.”

I leaned over and kissed her, a little longer, without her having to shift her body at all. Her grin broke into a smile as I said, “Even if it hasn’t happened today, we’ll keep trying.”



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