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  • The Fallback Plan: Noriko’s Experiment

    So, a lot of my fans have more of a birth kink than anything else. Today’s chapter of The Fallback Plan is really for them. Episode 26, available now on both Vella and Reamstories (check the Subscriptions link above), has Dr. Noriko Camp deciding to undergo labor and birth without the computer dialing down her […]

  • Preview: Progenitor 3 chapter 1

    Just to allay the fears that I’m actually dead, I thought I’d toss out a teaser: The first chapter of the fancy, deluxe re-release of Progenitor 3. Progenitor 3, Chapter 1: Sibling Rivalry I felt like I’d just dozed off when a gentle hand on my shoulder began to shake me. “Brad – this is […]

  • Haramiru’s 2012 Breeding Erotica collection now on Kindle Unlimited

    I’m trying something new here… I’ve never had a love for Kindle Select and its obnoxious exclusivity periods. However, since sales have dried up on the anthology collection in other sales outlets, I decided to see what happens if I put it under Kindle Select so that subscribers of Kindle Unlimited are able to read […]

  • Progenitor 3 progress!

    I just finished editing the second chapter of Progenitor 3. This may not sound like much, but it’s been the problem chapter for me in this whole story. It also establishes why Amita wants to lay dozens of eggs, and why she wants to impregnate all of her sorority sisters with her own children. I’ve […]

  • A preview from Progenitor 3

    Folks get tired of hearing, “I’m working on it!” – well, this is some sample text from the edited version which proves I’ve made some serious improvements. Amita seems much less deranged, and the Progenitor seems less like a passive fuck-toy. From Progenitor 3 Amita looked at the egg in her hand, twisting it slowly […]

  • “They Needed A Jump” released!

    My latest free erotica short, “They Needed A Jump” is now available! This is my first release this year. I’m trying to get better at balancing writing and life, because last year it was way unbalanced on the life side and the year before that… well, writing was what I did instead of living. Anyway, […]

  • Preview of Fallback: Arrival

    Since I haven’t posted much lately, I decided that I’d rather put up some incomplete chapters than have folks assume I’m dead.  This is a particularly breeding-centric piece which I started as a comic book storyboard years ago, then decided a while back to convert to a form I’m actually experienced at producing. I kinda […]

  • Proof that I’m writing… Progenitor 3 opener

    This is the opener from Progenitor 3, which at this rate is likely to be the first story I complete on my new laptop.  There’s been some substantial improvements vs the briefly-released free version, and I’m really liking how Amita’s rewrite is going.  Her motivations ranged from psychotic-sounding to petty in previous drafts, and this […]

  • Excerpt from “Winning the Genetic Lottery 2”

    I realize that I haven’t posted much about my upcoming sequel to “Winning the Genetic Lottery” lately, so this is my apology to those particular fans.  It’s a draft of course, and subject to editing before it goes final.  But, you folks will probably enjoy it just the same. For those who aren’t aware, “Winning […]

  • A scene from “Merlin’s Safeguard”

    I was glancing through my files as I was writing today, and the following segment jumped out at me and demanded to be shared.  It’s from a story which takes place just before “Merlin’s Magic Wang”.  Yes, I promise I’m mostly working on Progenitor 3 right now! The Problem, Presented I was having a spectacularly […]


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