Haramiru’s 2012 Breeding Erotica collection now on Kindle Unlimited

I’m trying something new here…

I’ve never had a love for Kindle Select and its obnoxious exclusivity periods. However, since sales have dried up on the anthology collection in other sales outlets, I decided to see what happens if I put it under Kindle Select so that subscribers of Kindle Unlimited are able to read it for free with their plan. I’ve always loved the concept of Netflix-style access to erotica – just, most of the services which provide Netflix-style subscription access don’t allow erotica.

In other news, I’ve had the last two days off and have been making progress on Progenitor 3. Once it’s completed, I’m thinking of releasing a second erotica collection, which would include everything released since the first volume. That would include “Cum in Me If You Want to Live”, “Evil Takes Wang”, “Progenitor 2”, and of course “Progenitor 3”.

Progenitor 3 excerpt

Cally stood back up and unscrewed the tube of glitter, then dumped it right into the path of the nearest vent. The water immediately began to churn with sparkly bits. “It takes about fifteen minutes for the glitter to apply,” she said. “Now we just have to figure out something to do with those fifteen minutes.”
Cally walked back over to her spot in the tub and sat down, scooting down to her neck.
Amita leaned back and whispered into my ear, “We’re going to need more sperm.”
I raised my eyebrow. “How do you intend to get it?” I asked.
The Indian girl smirked and turned around to face me, spreading her legs so that she straddled me in the water. “Lose the shorts.”
Disbelieving yelps came from the rest of the girls in the tub as Amita ground her hips against me to emphasize her point.
“No fucking in the hot tub, Amita!” Cynthia cried out.
Amita turned her head and looked at Cynthia. “You’re just pissed you didn’t think of it first.”
There was a splash of water, and suddenly Wendy was at my side, her red hair plastered to the side of her face. “Fair disclosure – I thought of it as soon as I got in,” she contributed.
Wendy’s’s hand was on the right side of my trunks, and Amita’s was on the left. They practically yanked off my swim trunks, then Amita stood up to pull her swimsuit down. Wendy chose a faster approach, though – she just tugged her swimsuit to the left and squatted over me, her vagina lining up perfectly over my rock-hard member. My eyes rolled back in pleasure as I felt her silky smooth warmth enveloping my penis. I surrendered to the moment, wrapping my arms around Wendy’s waist and steering her as she rode me, my penis exploring her as deep as it could. Amita stood there for a moment, opening her mouth as if to say something, and then shut it.
“Fair’s fair. But I go next,” she said.
“God, I can’t believe they’re doing that in front of us all, like animals,” Cynthia said to Cally.
Cally ignored her – she was leaning forward, unable to take her eyes off of Wendy’s alabaster back rising up out of the water and then sinking back down. Her pussy clamped down hard, squeezing me as my cock explored her inner depths. I knew Amita was pissed that Wendy was going to get laid, but the end result was still going to be the same: excess sperm dripping out of Wendy’s pussy would be enough to impregnate the rest of the sorority, especially with the jacuzzi jets ensuring that it would mix with the rest of the tub water.


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