A scene from “Merlin’s Safeguard”

I was glancing through my files as I was writing today, and the following segment jumped out at me and demanded to be shared.  It’s from a story which takes place just before “Merlin’s Magic Wang”.  Yes, I promise I’m mostly working on Progenitor 3 right now!

Ken Haramiru's "Merlin's Magic Wang" series
Ken Haramiru’s “Merlin’s Magic Wang” series

The Problem, Presented

I was having a spectacularly sexual dream, but someone was trying to wake me up. I moaned out some vague complaint, and a female voice asked me, “Sam, could you take your dick out of me?”

I woke up with a jolt. My cock was hard as steel, and buried in a vagina that was not touching me. I was fully clothed, having just been napping on a couch in my office. Tripti, my cute Indian co-worker, was standing a few feet away, rubbing at the crotch of her gym shorts, massaging her pussy where my cock had apparently materialized during my wet dream. My hips were in mid-thrust, and I could feel her vagina tensing around my cock as a bit of pre-cum leaked out into her pussy.

“Shit!” I exclaimed.

Tripti squirmed her hips back and forth, trying to dislodge my erect member from her vagina. I took a sharp breath. “Uh, you might not want to do that just now”, I cautioned her.

Ignoring my warning, she grimaced and reached down between her legs. I could feel her hand massage my cock through her pelvic wall as she felt herself, and my throbbing erection neared its apex. “God, seriously, stop that!”, I exclaimed.

She looked at me, startled, and her face set in a concerned expression. “Oh, you mean…”

I nodded, trying desperately not to move, and with as much calm as I could muster, replied “Yes, that. I’m close.”

Tripti said nothing, just nodded slowly and tried to stand very still, as if she were holding a venomous snake that she didn’t want to startle. “I’ll just be quiet, then.”

Unfortunately for both of us, her nervousness made her vagina clench around my cock. Her pussy squeezed gently but insistently on my hard member, which was teetering just on the brink of orgasm. I just barely managed to hold back, hoping that it would die down and I’d be able to lose the erection.

Then, the unthinkable happened. I could see it first in her eyes: a startled realization, and an attempt to suppress the reflex. But soon it became undeniable. Tripti’s eyes narrowed, her mouth constricted, and she took a deep involuntary breath.

My cock was still turgid, teetering on the brink of ejaculation as her body tensed up for a sneeze. “Don’t, Tripti!”, I warned.

But it was too late. A mere split second later, a sneeze came rocketing out of her nose, followed by another and another. Her midriff shook with the involuntary movements, the spasms shaking everything in her body.

Including my cock. It was too much to take; the contractions of her vagina sent me over the edge, gasping with forbidden pleasure.

Tripti’s eyes stopped watering just in time for her to see me gasp as my cock erupted into her pussy. Her mouth shot open in a combination of shock and pleasure as the warmth gushed into her vagina, filling her intimately. Her hand flew to the crotch of her shorts as I continued releasing sperm into her, erupting repeatedly with a steady and insistent force. I surrendered to the orgasm, thrusting deeper inside her since it was going to happen anyway. Tripti threw back her head and moaned, obviously having come to the same conclusion. We were both panting from heat and pleasure for a few seconds before she could muster up the composure to say something.

“God Sam, what’ll happen to us?”, she asked plaintively as she sat down next to me. My cock was still just barely in her pussy, the last of my sperm still dripping into her vagina.

I shrugged helplessly. “I don’t know, but I’m going to start writing my report now. In the meantime… well, try not to wear anything suggestive.”

This has been a teaser for an upcoming “Breeding Camelot Style” story tentatively titled, “Merlin’s Safeguard”.  I present it because my readers could occasionally use the reassurance that I’m writing something new.  🙂



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