A preview from Progenitor 3

Folks get tired of hearing, “I’m working on it!” – well, this is some sample text from the edited version which proves I’ve made some serious improvements. Amita seems much less deranged, and the Progenitor seems less like a passive fuck-toy.

From Progenitor 3

Amita looked at the egg in her hand, twisting it slowly to look over its pebbled surface, and then back up at her friend. “As long as I’ve known you, Erica, you’ve only really wanted two things: Babies, and a devoted father who’ll stay with you the rest of your life.”
Erica nodded slowly, but shifted a little in the bed. “I’m scared though, Amita,” she protested.
Amita cocked her head slightly, then lunged forward. Erica tried to scream, but Amita clamped her hand over her friend’s mouth and pulled her back towards the bed, spinning around so that Erica fell onto the bed face-down. In any other context, the two nude women wrestling would’ve been a huge turn-on. Actually, now that I think of it, it was still kind of a turn-on.
Amita climbed onto the bed and pinned Erica down, using her body weight to keep the white girl from getting up. Erica shook Amita off of her back and gathered her legs under her, starting to rise. Amita lunged rearward with Erica’s egg in hand, clutched almost like a dagger, aimed straight at Erica’s pussy. Erica’s legs were spread at the time, and she let out a yelp of surprise as the egg brushed her labia. Erica froze in place for a second, her eyes closing and her back arching in surprised pleasure. Amita took advantage of her friend’s distraction and shifted herself so that she could press the tip of the egg just slightly deeper inside Erica. The white girl stopped fighting, and her mouth parted in a moan of pleasure. I could see her pussy throb with desire at just the egg’s proximity. Amita stood up as Erica spread her legs on all fours, her eyes shut and her back arched, her vulva presented to the world. Amita got behind her with the egg in hand as Erica presented herself, her legs spread, pressing her pussy rearward.
Amita took the egg’s tip and pressed it up to Erica’s vulva, centered right over her pussy, and her friend gasped in pleasure at the touch. Erica’s fingers closed around the egg, taking it from Amita as she scooted back and spread her legs. She was beyond caring about anything but the egg now, as she spread her legs as far as she could and pressed the egg’s tip into herself. After a few seconds of awkward squatting, Erica turned around and laid down on the bed, where she spread her legs again and began trying to insert the egg in earnest.
Erica let out moan after moan, pressing gently but firmly on the egg as it dilated her vagina. She’d push it in a little, then relax and let it slide back before she pressed it into herself again. The egg slid deeper and deeper into Erica with each push, until finally it didn’t slide back out. Erica closed her eyes and let out a scream of pleasure as her vagina began to spasm, the muscles in front tightening up and driving the egg farther and farther up inside her with each contraction. She let out a whimper as the egg slid, slowly and inexorably, farther up into her birth canal.
Erica’s forehead was damp with sweat as she shrieked in pleasure as her eyes began to flutter shut, her orgasms slowly giving way to sleepiness. Amita stayed by her side for a few moments until she passed out less than a minute later, snoring lightly.
Amita kissed her friend on the forehead, then pulled the bedsheet up over her body. Her belly already showed a little bump where the baby in the egg would soon be making its home. Next, she turned to me and matter-of-factly put both hands on her hips. “Now, about that next fuck of ours…?” she asked.


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