Winning the Genetic Lottery 2 (working title)

Winning the Genetic Lottery

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In “Winning the Genetic Lottery”, When Jim bought his multi-million dollar breeding mansion in a rural county with a low population, no one minded too much.  He paid his taxes, contributed to the local economy, and was a bit of a philanthropist.

But when he decided to build a subdivision near his mansion so that his hundreds of children could live nearby, the established powers that be within the county took offense to this threat to their power base.  There are only around 1200 registered voters in the county, and Jim moving in hundreds of women who are all raising his children frankly scares the hell out of the local politicians.  They threaten to build a halfway house for sex offenders near the subdivision his children live in, and force him to sign over his well-funded private school to the county’s control.

Jim had no political aspirations until the politicians’ attorney ambushed him on his morning walk and threatened him with these things.  But now they’ve awakened a sleeping tiger, and Jim’s gunning to get them all fired, and seize control of the local government.

That’s the broad strokes of the sequel to “Winning the Genetic Lottery”. Jim has all the money he could ever want, but now to protect his children, he’s being forced to grab power to go along with it.

And of course, it turns on his employees more than ever!

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