Ever wondered about Mr. Wulf, in “Morgan’s Curse”?

If you’ve ever wondered about Mr. Wulf in Morgan’s Curse Then you’ll want to read “Evil Takes Wang”, where you get to see a bit more of him than in “Morgan’s Curse“. For a flashback, Mr. Wulf was the huge, white fluffy talking Faerie hound who told Morgana that Merlin … Continue reading

Now unveiling more new cover art!

New cover for Morgan’s Curse! Given that Morgan’s Curse is all about a powerful sorceress’s fury (well, and about a succubus who eats men as they try to rape her), the new cover art does a splendid job of portraying Morgana’s anger and rage.  Merlin had cursed her for over … Continue reading

Ken Haramiru’s Progenitor update live!

Ken Haramiru’s updated “Progenitor” now live! The new, updated version of “Progenitor” is already live on Smashwords and Amazon!  The updated version has also been submitted to Barnes & Noble, and will soon be updated. For the moment, the 2012 anthology has the original eBook release of Progenitor in it, … Continue reading

If you liked Argyle, you’ll love Raj

A new story in Ken Haramiru’s “Merlin’s Magic Wang” series The latest installation in the history of Merlin’s Magic Wang involves the exploits of a demon named Raj. Raj isn’t a lust demon like Argyle was in Morgan’s Curse – he’s an imp, who feeds on irritation and annoyance.  He … Continue reading

Cupid’s Armorer is no longer Amazon-exclusive!

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say again: I don’t like permanent exclusives.  The three-month KDP exclusivity agreement on Cupid’s Armorer is now over, which means it’s now been released on Smashwords and All Romance Ebooks.  It’ll eventually be on Barnes & Noble, Kobo, etc as well. I’ve got an … Continue reading

Morgan’s Curse eBook is out!

As I was working on my weekend story, I decided to take a glance over at “Morgan’s Curse” to  identify which areas I really should add more content to.  Historically, that’s what separates my eBooks from the free editions: I go back through and, prior to publication, ask myself “What … Continue reading

Cupid’s Armorer

Surprise, I started another project!  This one got into my head and just wouldn’t get out, so I’m getting it finished and out of here. The good news is that this project isn’t going to be a long one, and it should be published by the end of the weekend. … Continue reading

“Fuck Me Running”

“Fuck Me Running”.  Isn’t that such an interesting phrase? While its meaning is clear in context – it’s an expression of surprise and astonishment – it really does bring some fascinating visual images to mind.  Unfortunately, none of them are very practical, just due to basic human anatomy.  Too bad there’s … Continue reading

Progenitor’s now made it into the 28k range on Amazon

I’ve started using Novelrank.com to track where Progenitor sits on the sales charts, and it seems to be picking up steam now, after its release on October 17th.  This is the first it’s broken the 30k barrier, and hopefully it’ll keep improving. This weekend I’ve been focusing on “Merlin’s Magic … Continue reading

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