Cupid’s Armorer is no longer Amazon-exclusive!

Cupid's Armorer

Elements of cover art © Gbradic, © Ctakik.
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I’ve said it before, and I’ll say again: I don’t like permanent exclusives.  The three-month KDP exclusivity agreement on Cupid’s Armorer is now over, which means it’s now been released on Smashwords and All Romance Ebooks.  It’ll eventually be on Barnes & Noble, Kobo, etc as well.

I’ve got an excerpt from it below, if you wish to examine it.

It’s rare that I wake up wondering if my dream was real or not. But last night’s dream felt like a memory which hadn’t happened yet, if that makes any sense.
In my dream, it felt like I woke up to see stars in the sky, but they were in front of me too, not just above me. It was as if I were standing in mid-air, so high up that I saw the Earth’s horizon line as if I were on a high-altitude flight. The air was thin, and I should’ve needed oxygen, but I didn’t even feel like I had to breathe. Most of the planet beneath me was in night, and the illumination below me revealed where cities dotted the landscape of Europe, with a few hot spots in the Middle East as well. I looked up and saw I saw all the stars of heaven too, clearer and crisper than ever before. There was no sensation of falling, and I was dimly aware of a rhythmic motion originating from my back. I craned my neck around, out of the corner of my eye, saw just the tip of a white wing which seemed to be attached to me. As I turned my head to look at the other side, I suddenly saw a beautiful topless woman flying right next to me, with a pair of wings of her own. She smiled back at me, momentarily distracting me from the perfectly-formed globes of her breasts.
I did a double take, then blinked – she was still there. She had short, dark hair with blond streaks, and she looked like she should’ve had a tattoo or two. My eyes wandered down, tracing the curve of her neck down to her B-cup breasts and then farther down to her navel and beyond. She wasn’t just topless, she was nude – and as I looked down at myself, I realized that I was too. “See something you like, Clint?”, she asked amusedly in a light Texan accent.
“Of course I do. How about yourself?”, I replied. I was stunned to feel the words coming out of my mouth. It was like I was in the back seat and watching through my eyes as I interacted with this beautiful, ethereal woman. My wings seemed to respond unconsciously to my needs, re-orienting me so that I was standing now, not flying forward. The angel banked smoothly and circled around to me, her body angling up so that she effectively stood in mid-air now, facing me. I couldn’t help but stare. She looked about 20 years old, with hazel-colored eyes and small, round breasts which jutted out proudly from her chest. Whoever she was, she had no lack of self-confidence about her body.
She glided in closer to me, her wings flapping only slightly. I marveled at how well I could see even the tiniest detail of her breasts, and how the undersides of her breasts cast sharp shadows in the thin air, producing a nearly artistic contrast. The only thing she wore was a tacky necklace around her neck, with a pair of guns on it. She noticed me staring at it and picked it up with her hand, holding it towards me on the chain. “Remember, you’re the one who picked this out for me”, she said accusingly. Her voice had just a gentle lilt of a Texan accent.
My eyes drank in her form hungrily. She had a slender waist and slight arms, a gentle indentation for a navel, and a slight dimple to her chin. She grinned, clearly appreciating my attention.
She pirouetted in the air in front of me, her wings stretched upwards so that they didn’t block my view, and I noticed the way that the gentle curve of her ass blended into the sinuous lines of her back. As she completed the circle and faced me again, she put down her arms and put them on her hips, the pose making the gentle slope of her breasts absolutely stand out. “I love the way you look at me Clint, but isn’t there something else you’d rather do?”, she inquired pointedly as she glided towards me, taking her arms off her hips and reaching towards me.
My eyes widened in pleased disbelief as she glided up into contact with me, her body nestling against mine in a nearly weightless embrace. I felt her breasts press against my chest, and then moments later her midriff pressed up against me as well. The mysterious winged woman intertwined her legs with mine as I wrapped my arms around her waist and pulled her to me, my cock crushing against her pubic region as my mouth found hers and we kissed, first on our lips and then deeper, our mouths opening wide as if we sought to devour each others’ tongues.
She ground her hips against me, and I ran my hands down her back, caressing her ass for just a moment before she arched her back and pulled her hips away from my cock just long enough to let it stand up straight. I felt it brush her pussy lips for just a moment, and then she lowered herself onto it. I closed my eyes and let out a breath as I felt her pussy slide over my cock, its warmth enveloping me as she looked into my eyes. She smiled at me enigmatically as she impaled herself on me, her pussy swallowing my shaft until she pressed herself firmly against my groin. Pent-up lust burned within me as I wrapped my arms around her and squeezed, our embrace growing more and more urgent as we moved together in the ancient dance of life. Our lips found each other again and we kissed as we fucked, our bodies spinning and tumbling gently as we lost all sense of up or down. Our universe consisted only of each other; we simply floated in space as we fucked, our bodies intertwining as the fire between us built up. She ran her fingers through my short, military-length hair as I pressed against the back of her head with one of my hands, holding her head steady as I kissed her methodically and the burning desire I felt fanned into a white-hot flame.
The angel broke free of our kiss and rolled her head side to side slowly, enjoying the moment as her vagina tightened around my cock and a little growling purr escaped the back of her throat. There was no more time: I’d reached my climax, and I angled my neck forward and kissed her neck, my tongue running over the smoothness of her skin. She threw her head back and cried out in ecstasy as I closed my eyes, immersing myself in the moment as my cock shuddered and then erupted deep within her pussy, spraying her innermost depths with my sperm. She tightened her hands on my hips, doing everything she could to keep me deep inside of her as my climax peaked and then began to fade. I slid my arms along her back side until they circled around her torso, holding her to me as our lips found each other again. We traded a kiss now, slow and lingering, without the frantic energy of our coupling from just a few moments ago. After a lazy few moments, as my cock retracted out of her, she broke off the kiss to hover only a few inches away from me my mouth.
“Clint, do you think you’ll ever Fall?”, she asked. I opened my mouth to reply, but never got the chance. In a split second, I was elsewhere.

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