“Fuck Me Running”

“Fuck Me Running”.  Isn’t that such an interesting phrase?

While its meaning is clear in context – it’s an expression of surprise and astonishment – it really does bring some fascinating visual images to mind.  Unfortunately, none of them are very practical, just due to basic human anatomy.  Too bad there’s no way to use a magic portal to let you put your dick into – ohhh, wait a second…

Yes, it seems that I’m working on the eBook edition of a story which involves just such a portal.  Those familiar with my story “Merlin’s Magic Wang” already know that the bearer of this mystic relic can fit his dick through this engraved wooden ring, and into the vagina of any woman he happens to be looking at.

Jack, the hitherto nameless protagonist of “Merlin’s Magic Wang”, has decided to participate in college life a little, and he’s off to watch a ladies’ track and field event.  Or should that be, “Rack and Field”?  Perhaps that’s another idea, for another story.

Anyhow, Jack’s erect cock is presently throbbing inside a girl as she performs the 300 meter dash.  He’s in for quite the ride, and if she wins the event, Jack will cum in first place… yes, I couldn’t resist making that pun.  Simply.  Not.  Avoidable.

Edit: Merlin’s Magic Wang is available now on Amazon, Smashwords, and Barnes & Noble.  And yes, he certainly does get her pregnant.



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